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  1. hihihi... this is one of my draft messy
  2. Damn, I thought this contest end at 22nd... I was tried to post my work but then... bad luck for me Well, I hope another contest like this in the future coz I have made a great great great new boss for WS. Congrats for all finalist, and congrats for all winners!
  3. I think that's a bug. I also have same problem, and saw it many times. But only at mobs, not at arena/players. Never saw anything like that at other classes, just for warlock's Life Exhaust.
  4. I was thinking 'bout using cooldown set. For me, crafted cloth items (Deep Lord' Hood + Boots) are better than asterius gears. Lvl 19 but gives better stat. Combining by GT Vest + Gloves would gives nice health boost and energy. With any cooldown belt, I would have 20%-21% cooldown. Low resil, low dodge, low accu, med health, med energy, med-high crit, med-high mana regen... But I can't find someone to help me craft those items, yet... Damned Pilgrim' gears also good, but rare...
  5. I can imagine it, just like the last year. A BIG WAR at Secret Sanctuary in the first day just for a drop. The party with higher dmg will get it. And the weakest party will wait, maybe 1 week after update to get the drop. I wish devs add 3 or more Blackjacks, so it will be a nice update for us.
  6. I have play necro for 2 years, and I agree with everybody who dislikes necro's new skills. Last year, I fought high amped rangers and high amped BDs with my low amped necro. I love when they caught on Nightmare 5/5, then used poison on them. Kept some range from them, then casting shield and heal. Not too scared for Hamstrings and Blessings, coz Nightmare is good skill. I proud by necros +3 energy regen and low cost energy on healing, made me could cast more nightmare, more shield, more heal. While enemy sleeping and couldn't regen anything, I kept my health high. But now, I can't do it anymore. Even with updating gears, amplifying and enchanting, I can't find any strategy to beat other classes, except low lvl and some noob players ofc. Other classes got at least 2 stuns/disable skills that improved their strategy to beat necro. All healer classes at elf got buff on their heal (druid secret link and priest aura), they can heal twice, or higher than necro with same amp on gears. While necro confuse to manage their health with their health cost, other healer classes can raise their health as high as possible! Wow, I envy other class so much now... Coz I just got new expert skills, which I can't compare to other healers skills, even shaman which at same side as necro. Still, I love my necro coz it's a symbol of sacrify, and ofc all ppl at MCs side always need this class . And keep wishing better future for all necros. Hope someday necros day will be back.
  7. This is serious case for me and all my guild friends. My friend, Meenecro has been banned permanently just because she forgot her login and couldn't recover account from e-mail. We have sent some e-mail to dev, but still... No clear answer. Not a scammer, not a hacker. But banned permanently? And yet, WS support team wouldn't help us. I think they wouldn't care 'bout how precious our chars is and how much we have spend for it...
  8. Kangen kawan" lama... @pembasmi >> doyan game baru, WS ditinggal... by Desperated
  9. Reduce Thread to 3 and add 2 skill points to Dark Shield
  10. My friend has been banned, and we didn't know for what reason. I just help her coz she doesn't know how to get answer from dev faster. Her char is Leegikwang. And since last month, have sent many e-mail to dev via support site. But still no answer untill now. Please dev, unblock my friend acc. Coz I know she has did nothing to be blocked. :( :( :(
  11. LOL.. :rofl: :rofl: stop it please... he already learned how to shame himself now... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Addition: 1 - 9 key for activating skills (or pots, etc.) in the boxes
  13. member update: Sarap [20] Rogue Arcdevilll [20] DK Aronboy [20] Rogue Arvenus [20] Barbarian Asbak [20] Rogue Brakatak [19] Shaman Desperated [20] Necromancer Digrace [20] Barbarian Evita [20] Shaman Ibnoeblack [20] Shaman Kerend [20] Necromancer Leomphie [20] Rogue Lordashura [19] Shaman Mahoan [20] Barbarian Qyo [20] Rogue Siliwangii [20] Rogue Symbians [20] DK Tonydark [20] Rogue Xayuex [20] Shaman Waetknight [20] Rogue
  14. Maybe not a serious problem... But still annoying... :( :( Devs, please fix it... ;D
  15. Devs, U've sent me wrong acc. That char is not mine... :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Someone on fbchoosen own it. Please return it to its owner. I've changed the login, and sent all login data to support via e-mail. I wish I'll get my acc soon, and this acc get back to its owner... :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: Thx Devs
  16. Devs, please restore my account... :sorry: I lost it today coz someone scam... I know it's my fault, but I beg for your help. :facepalm: I swear I'll learn from this. :sorry: :sorry:
  17. so, Darklock and Rawsz still hacked untill now? Coz someone named Ztoushiro pmed me, and said he's Darklock and Rawsz owner half hour ago.
  18. I'm sometimes guarding near mc's caravan. even with 10 ppl guarding, too hard to block elf coz too wide area for elf to run away... compared to elf, they can block mc easily. all traps 100% worked...!!! paladin and mage can lock many mcs with its skill!!! maybe that area must be named "unfair bridge"... Hear us, Devs... make it fair for mc...
  19. Wow, I'm 100% agree with it... :good: :good: :good:
  20. Who said nobody won't help??? I've helped many, even I'm not done at all CL quest... :fool: :fool: :fool:
  21. I'm sexy then...? :blush: :blush: :blush:
  22. MCs better...!!! Choose MCs...!!! :good:
  23. Permisi numpang lewat.... :) :) :) Mw titip" salam bwt tmn" mc di US Sapphire... ;D ;D
  24. ryuuta

    Can't login

    Please help me, somebody... I'm new to this game. I downloaded this game, install it on PC, then let it caching. But I can't login. After I clicked play, it always "connecting" so long. And after several minutes, it said connection with server has been lost. Was the problem came from my connection? Or the game client? Note: I use wireless connection. Have tried 2 different operators, but still...
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