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  1. Lol.... If the same.name exist in 2 servers what will happen? Also lets make possible and server transform! What have on your head? %) servers are nice as they are now... Don't complicate everything you see...
  2. All passive and active skills will disappear... Passive works only if you are in guild and they are at least 1lvl. For active I don't know if they have activated before leave guild. For example if gives stats for 10min when activate but you leave guild before 10mins end... We will see when they release... I hope i have answered all your possible questions:-) P.s. Your post is on wrong page, for questions there are special page, in future try there.
  3. If gp is tied with player what will happen if leader level it up? Gp will be redused... There isn't a solution for this! Find a nc guild and stop cry around....
  4. All works perfect, exept items in world chat, a guy did it... Maybe he was using older version, dont know...:-) Btw were is full HD in android?:-D
  5. Until now no update:-P
  6. This guy at Eu-emerald was humiliating admins many time in chat, i think that devs sould know it... He said many thinks, one of them was duck u snorlax, same for kuzmits but was spamming and fail to capture it... I hope to stop these rude ppl to fill trash chat....
  7. Dude can you link me the program/ app that u use and show you your kilobite per sec?
  8. Dude only the guys with the leader permittion can take items and gold from warehouse! If he won't get scammed he can easily make all members "Newbe" in guild permittions... End of problem...
  9. this is a suggestion/guide to get the highest guild points... as dev said you will earn guild points from: story (yellow) quests, daily (blue) quests and from new map quests. this guide based on daily quests and potion for double gp (guild points) Every day new quests take place at npc but there are certain amount of quests, a cycle (the time that all quest have appear at least once at npc) is around 2-3 days... My idea is that you can take all quests on you (you have accept quests mission) and finish them, I mean to gather all needed items or kill what quest ask you to do but dont go
  10. I agree with beta release... Also i think that they have done something like this at new classes update... I hope for less bugs:-D
  11. Description sounds good... Please update the post whith skill and for other classes...
  12. I check it yesterday and there are applications in google play to make easy gifs and transform video to gif! There is a possibility to exist in ovi store, apple store etc... If you have smartphone you can try and these... I cant imagine other way to help you!
  13. Details for make a video into gif: 1. Download program named "Format Factory" 2. Install it 3. Open it 4. Drag and drop your video in programs list (the big white list on the right side) 5. Choose from the list ,on the left side or in pop up window, the type of the pictures that u want get as output Info: this dont makes the whole video gif image it just turn video in a lot of screenshot with small delay time between them Also be sure that you will transform it in pictures and not in other video type! 6. Now press start, it might take a little time, and go to the output fold
  14. Ok..... I think that he cant translate himself....:-D
  15. Its cool!!!!!!:-D But screen raped....:-P
  16. Tyd its a normal shadows party....:-D
  17. Add one peace costumes... Roronoa zoro (sword man) Fire fist ace (fire mage) And more... I ll add pictures soon... Also guys there are trademarks and copyright rules... Maybe they can't add them with these character creator without their permittions
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