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  1. I like the idea of costumes, not event but old mc costumes yes Runes and crystals no
  2. Yea please make full screen possible for pc
  3. Yea questers offers gold for help and ask for ppl number, if the number fill quest will removed from the list... Nc the trade chat will have less questers... Yes
  4. Doger72


    Lol why look equip? I thought equip used for stats not for looklike, I will be 20 and use at arena 9 lvl armor because it looks better? On cc ok but there is already post (Ty reaper) it will be a lot of more data if they add this, I vote no
  5. I like a lot the suggestions but the last is a bit ball breaker, when I was questing I droped a lot of 1g items, when I open chests also I drop a lot of stuffs so its a bit stupid to add pasword for everything, on character delete ok but not in bag... All the other suggestions are very good, I voted yes but add to votelist: I like only first and only second idea...
  6. No, every player will be able to have only one summoned pet and only 1 castle.... If a clan could have all castles it will sucks, its will become a map in which will fight only 2 richest clans...
  7. The leader of each guild, if guild is up to a special level (if max level is 10, for example at 3 level) will be able to upload a crest, a very small image, 64 bite for example, which will be near players name or near guilds name... In every RPG game all clans are able to have clan crest, why dont in warspear? Like at these page: http://crestmaster.ucoz.com/index/lineage_crest/0-6
  8. I think that rather than normal pets which any player can have, each castle can provide a special pet to the owners of the castle, or only to the leader, something that shows the power of the guild. If the guild loses the castle also lose this pet.
  9. Its melee char, its not fair to have range attacks... Rogue as bounty hunter could have one more damage skill...
  10. The new skill of mages can be a skill that will reduce the resistance of enemy... Mages are 0 support and 0 tanky and less Cary than ranger so its something that will make them more Cary...
  11. Guys think, if at caravan all players summon their pets what will happend! Omg you will be unable to see the ground, they will be graphics^2 I think that minions should be very small, like a soul over player, in story it can be added as the souls of the defeated in old fights in arinar which helps new warriors... They can equip 1-2 craft items but without enchand abilities
  12. Doger72

    mage skill chains

    Its stun dude, the enemy CANT move! It can hit, ok I understand the way you mean it but its a kind of stun
  13. Doger72

    mage skill chains

    As we know mage have a skill named "chains" This stun is good but it has some issues For example warlock and shaman got a RANGE stun which makes and silence! Chains is melee stun and push. To be more competitive against warlocks and shamans stuns i suggest to add silence to chains or make it range skill. I prefer adding silence because range chains is over power skill... Thanks
  14. Ellhnaras says the truth... He is the real owner... I know him...
  15. Nah nvm... I support you my opinion is same for these ppl Make it world wide if you can, nice try
  16. The worst is that you just tell him to look chat because every day a thousand people selling and buying accounts even with real money (a high illegal action) and they keep dont doing something, a screenshot with an action like this should be instant ban! In a few time we will see guys selling their old houses in trade chat... Wtf? Support chat fail.......
  17. Dude first of all its just a post, not a ban list... Secondly its not that i don't believe you but without a screenshot you cant prove something... Thirdly you must not trust the first guy that you meet on road to transfer items, specially expensive items... Try to do it with a friend from your real life, its not a big deal... But be sure than none will say him scammer because of this post...
  18. Doger72

    dps calculator

    Well i will check it my own, thanks for advice:-) If you have any information dont be shy to post, thanks:-)
  19. Well i am.not sure if you are back, but if you are i am glad about it.... And i am sory if i insult you but you know, its hard to believe someone who got scammed, take phogz for example, every week he was new player...:-P If you want i can remove older post...:-)
  20. Doger72

    dps calculator

    Thanks, I dont think that they have change attack speed, but I have send end an email to be sure... Hmmm swing time between 2 hits are different for each type of weapon, useful, thanks:-)
  21. Doger72

    XD I HAVE 3.5

    Wow I want it NOW!!!!!
  22. Doger72

    dps calculator

    Hi, I have made a DPS (damage per second) program (in html page with JavaScript) to solve pupils questions about what is better to use for farm, PvP, etc... And I will post it on forum... But I have some questions for the perfect results. 1. Attack speed: a) how much is hit delay between 2 hit when someone got 0 attack speed? B) attack speed points works like this calculation: { [(delay time)-1] * (attack speed)/100 }? if not can you tell me the right plz? 2. Defence: a) normal defence: it works like this calculation against physical damage?: { [ (1-defence)*damage/100] }
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