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  1. Do a video on how to suck a black male dickk properly. Plz and ty :)
  2. nah they can't cuz their opinion is irrelevent and they are retarted af :facepalm:
  3. you're not leaving becuz of me right?!!!? :cray:
  4. looks real to me.... ey girl pm me I wanna have a little talk with u
  5. .... well if u thought it was directed twords you then that's my fault. Its was mainly @ your guildmate ragging
  6. bluetooth is a druid right? What lvl and tell me his look he uses a lot cuz I might forget name lol and wat class is stronghulk and his common look? U are right he is irritating and since he wants to gank my elfs(with help ofc) and think its funny I can do the same. ;)
  7. you are a wise woman..... I guess haters gonna hate and best of luck to u jay u deserve to win :good:
  8. I'm still here buddy :drinks: (december 2011 when I started)
  9. I'm not trying to be rude or anything but this video was boring.... good music but u could of had a story atleast like jayrox. Now plz don't rage on me for saying my opinion :)
  10. These ppl are retarted haters..... the music was sexy
  11. Hey now! Will is not so bad :( don't talk bad about my budy he is not here to defend himself :nea:
  12. This makes me very sad that I get pms from many players calling me gay or a faggot... what has this world come to? I just wanna look like miley cyrus. :(
  13. Anyone here play armed heroes? If. not u should try it pretty fun game. Add my warrior his name is fluthug
  14. Owning sith members with will (easy mode). 8)
  15. fluguyy

    Rogue stats xD

    I agree full arena is the worst and every rogue tht uses it should kill themselfs. Another set I use sometimes
  16. fluguyy

    Rogue stats xD

    didn't have skill on. ;)
  17. fluguyy

    Rogue stats xD

    Who needs crit? When u have dodge ;)
  18. fluguyy

    Rogue stats xD

    crit is a useless skill.... more than 80% of players use full arena
  19. fluguyy

    Rogue stats xD

    Here is the #1 rogue in us sapp stats.. look. closely and try to learn somethi for ng from it ..... speed set just for fun its not that bad
  20. One of my best friends in game.. who I will always love gay or not.... u should love me becuz I rememberd and I always have your back In game. Hope u have an amazing42nd birthday jizz. Much love flugay O:-)xoxoxo
  21. well mc side u get it at t1 left side... the guy. all thte way up. I'm sure elf quest is at t1 to but dont know which guy gives it
  22. I want to be friends...special friends O:-)
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