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  1. iluvweed plays league now to i believe have u seen him in game?
  2. haha he does the same thing to me. Idk why he does it though i mean does he really expect a win?
  3. ill post mine just for their attention and submit some complaints unfortunately they cant fit in the picture
  4. I need my cpins for a chest piece
  5. Hopzz

    Rap "Battles"

    I see what u did pvp but your not a better ganker then me. I kill any elf i want then i go taunt. These forum users get on my nerves most likely all nerds. Theu get butt hurt over nothing they think they strong? Nah they bluffing. Im one of the best u can forget the rest. Im bored as hell as u can probably tell. Im just gonna stop because i got this rap game on lock
  6. Hopzz


    I agree 100000%
  7. Swaaz your definitely the worst ranger I cant even remember the last time I seen you kill someone every time I see you, you end up dying without getting a kill why is that?
  8. Heres how i see you planters i mean panchens
  9. For the record ypu STARTED with me so dont get butthurt if in finishing btw my real life is fine thanks for askin. And im swimming in fu.cks i refuse to give if your crybaby ass ignores me so goodluck with what u do.
  10. disqualified? Wtf this isnt a competition i simply said william sucks and isnt the best at anything and your jumping to his defense in actuality you started with me. Talk shit get burned simple.
  11. thats what the fuc.k i thought
  12. First off any necro with common sense would do well in 2x2 my necro literally has 600to defense i barely play it but i still do better then William not to mention he has 1to more skill point then me so dont gimme amp excuses. ANY necro with common sense and a common sense partner would win at least 7/10 very least my necro does well and has a managble win/lose ratio. Whats his excuse? All of his characters are literally just over 50%w win to lose ratio face it hes the worst player ever. Im very '"squishy " (sounds childish ) not even 600play defense but look at my record
  13. I would say at least 3 times a day and fails. I swear that guy literally acts like a girl my sister acta more manly then him if hes not on his period hes kissing anih or melzie's ass
  14. Lol you guys are stupid have you seen William arena record on any of his characters? How can any of u think that female is the best at anything i see i have to put up a screenshot since u all so blind. Maybe you guys can tell me how he manages such a bad ratio on any of his characters
  15. Pvprange #1 pro haters gonna hate he kill my shaman 1 shot
  16. Hopzz

    Know LadyGi

    Wew duckin racists once again mystic is a racist look at the bottom of "his reply" "Aryan not ♥♥♥♥♥" so u clearly believe in a master race which is basically the ideas on hitler himself and the definition of aryan in a nutshell. That has to be the most racially confused shit i ever layed my eyes on. Fro man im usimg your word BIGOT
  17. Hmm here's my list: Paladin: Nobody yall all suck Mage: Gankz ofc anybody else is a dumb suicide bomber Priest : Oracles and Priestking Bd: Nobody with any strategy Ramger: Nessah Druid: Poley #1 Barb: Machote my fave Rogue : i like moofii's gankin skills and strategy but other then that i dont really watch pvps enough to know Shaman : The #1pro duo of Hopzz and Rokzz ofc Honorable mention to kern and pvpshaman Deathknight: Badhabit Warlock : shadowtear necro: alexbrent and........ ..........eld
  18. Hopzz

    Cant connect

    So much for my late night gankin session
  19. Basketball nothing else used to be football (American ) and baseball but then i realized i didn't like working out and taking hits and as for baseball i got hit in the face with the ball
  20. Hopzz

    Cant connect

    Buying book on mc side with elf gold pm Hopzz Us Sapphire (once server is back on ofc)
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