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  1. +10 sd staff warlock hit 300 with 3600magic def before this update. So guess +400 with almost mac magic def after this update
  2. So how come caster still hit the same ad before update? Even if amp ring amu +10? If thid fix is implented
  3. Cuibap

    Gold bags

    Just sell mcoin items? not hard to get alot of gold :shout:
  4. tyvm, all is fixed now
  5. hi again, i got +200mcoin buyt still missing 3000 :) could u look into this when someone get time? Best regards
  6. does that mean if paypal, if paypal recject they payement (as it have happend before in other games for some reason) my account will get perma banned? would like a respond to this since its not my fault if paypal take the money and the send it back again.
  7. Does anyone have problem buying mcoin via paypal today? i check bank acount and i payed but havnt recived any mcoin, been 3hours now.
  8. how come your dmg so low when your hitting mobs? even my +350 does more dmg on mobs when your using your firecracker cbow
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