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  1. ::) wtf did i just watch.. *WARNING DISTURBING MUSIC VIDEO AHEAD* vidmax
  2. Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days. Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic. Yup..spending lots of $$ on a game is for lame llama bear wolves. Pst. Im a bird *chirp chirp*
  3. Dafuq is this shit? :crazy: It looks like a female spaceship with modified wings and a TV on top of it. :clapping: Pst. Im a bird.
  4. look at the dates he posted it... 16:43 pm while the other was posted 16:45 pm .-. Pst. Im a bird Chirp chirp chirpity chirp!
  5. Okay you guys listen to what i have to say. I am really confused ok so a while ago, i was masturbating with an egg and i was just about to orgasm when all of a sudden my vag just like...sucked it up. It was like a vacuum. Not just a regular vacuum. My vag is a dyson. Anyway, i was so scared and spent the rest of the night trying to queef out that egg but it wouldnt come out. So the other day i was playing basketball in gym and the egg fell out! It fell into my underwear. I was too afraid to take it out and people probably thought i was growing a penis or something...so i didnt take it out of my underwear until i got home and the effing egg was HARDBOILED! My vagina is a vacuum and a pot of boiling water. It hardboiled an egg! I'm not done... So i put it in the fridge because i didnt know what else to do...and couple of hours later, my dad was eating an egg salad sandwich! Should i tell my dad? Pst. Im a bird.
  6. as a bird i'd like to share my opinions to you fellow human beings, which is: Lmao nerds :facepalm: Br br Brs everywhere :facepalm: Pst. Im a bird.
  7. Lol debuffer i don't know if i should believe you or not :facepalm: Yesterday you were proud of telling everyone in pvp cave that you replenished "22.000" mcoins into your account when suddenly a guy told u to stop lying, "because ur a scammer". Well, its lovely to see a 15 year old kid spending over $20 000 totally on silly online games :good: Pst. Im a bird.
  8. Which is why elves came to this conclusion that warlocks are extremely overpowered. Well, as a bird, i must admit, warlocks are OVERPOWERED against Melee classes, which, unfortunately is not new. Ranged classes have always had a huge advantage over melees. Also, warlocks are in fact, quite weak against strong healers. (any pro shaman/druid/necro/priest)knows that the only way to kill a warlock is to kite) As for rangers, they need strategy and timing. As a bird, i would like to say that it is quite easy to trick warlocks into using their skills. I prefer using the "run in-fall back" tactic, when you are 6 yards away from a warlock i ALWAYS fall back.(Remember, dark circle range is 5 yards so watch out ;) fear is 4 yards, ouch) In most cases they would've thrown their dark circle, 1 skill wasted. This is when you or your partner strikes, the warlock would be able to fear one, so be prepared. If there are two warlocks...oh dear god) Pst: im a bird
  9. - a genius bird (aka me) Pst. im a Bird *chirp chirp*
  10. Yup, alot of old timers left the game as the game was ruined. Only a few old-timers remained, even me, a bird. Pst. Im a bird. *chirp chirp*
  11. Great story, the ending was quite sad though, even for me, a bird :( Pst. Im a bird Now if you would excuse me, i have business to do, shoo away! *continues to brew my evil bird potion*
  12. :facepalm: Pst. Im a bird
  13. Shadowbird

    Gold again -_-

    you and your Lol's Pst. Im a bird
  14. Everyone that does not have a warlock should really create one and you'll see how important net speed is + you'll have to time all the skills perfectly. :facepalm: Warlock is not an easy class to play, and i repeat; THEY ARE NOT HEALERS! They need to kill fast and time all skills PERFECTLY in order to survive. :facepalm: Pst. Im a bird
  15. Yo dawg, that's sad to hear, good luck bro Pst. Im a bird
  16. Shadowbird

    Gold again -_-

    Sell miracle coin shop items = easy gold, 1 mc = 100 gold, 10 mc = 1k 500 mc = 50k :bad: (who would buy a costumefor that price anyways?) Or you could farm lab bosses 24/7 hoping to get a good drop you could sell :) Or Norlant swamps. Ps. Im a bird *chirp* *chirp*
  17. This picture was taken with a potato :shout: Lol what's wrong with him? He lost a fight and now hes b*tching you? :tease: Ps. Im a bird
  18. Exactly, i'm a lvl 20 warlock myself (+9 amped lvl 17 wep) and believe me, druids with maxed roots and heal could kill me, if they increased cooldown duration for locks, we would have a hard time beating healers. devs should instead, add new skills for each class to balance all classes. Nerfing cooldown isnt the solution, look at barbs, they nerfed charge, because of that they have become weaker :facepalm: Pst. im a Bird
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