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  1. ::) wtf did i just watch.. *WARNING DISTURBING MUSIC VIDEO AHEAD* vidmax
  2. Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days. Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic. Yup..spending lots of $$ on a game is for lame llama bear wolves. Pst. Im a bird *chirp chirp*
  3. Dafuq is this shit? :crazy: It looks like a female spaceship with modified wings and a TV on top of it. :clapping: Pst. Im a bird.
  4. look at the dates he posted it... 16:43 pm while the other was posted 16:45 pm .-. Pst. Im a bird Chirp chirp chirpity chirp!
  5. Okay you guys listen to what i have to say. I am really confused ok so a while ago, i was masturbating with an egg and i was just about to orgasm when all of a sudden my vag just like...sucked it up. It was like a vacuum. Not just a regular vacuum. My vag is a dyson. Anyway, i was so scared and spent the rest of the night trying to queef out that egg but it wouldnt come out. So the other day i was playing basketball in gym and the egg fell out! It fell into my underwear. I was too afraid to take it out and people probably thought i was growing a penis or something...so i didnt take it out of my underwear until i got home and the effing egg was HARDBOILED! My vagina is a vacuum and a pot of boiling water. It hardboiled an egg! I'm not done... So i put it in the fridge because i didnt know what else to do...and couple of hours later, my dad was eating an egg salad sandwich! Should i tell my dad? Pst. Im a bird.
  6. as a bird i'd like to share my opinions to you fellow human beings, which is: Lmao nerds :facepalm: Br br Brs everywhere :facepalm: Pst. Im a bird.
  7. Lol debuffer i don't know if i should believe you or not :facepalm: Yesterday you were proud of telling everyone in pvp cave that you replenished "22.000" mcoins into your account when suddenly a guy told u to stop lying, "because ur a scammer". Well, its lovely to see a 15 year old kid spending over $20 000 totally on silly online games :good: Pst. Im a bird.
  8. Which is why elves came to this conclusion that warlocks are extremely overpowered. Well, as a bird, i must admit, warlocks are OVERPOWERED against Melee classes, which, unfortunately is not new. Ranged classes have always had a huge advantage over melees. Also, warlocks are in fact, quite weak against strong healers. (any pro shaman/druid/necro/priest)knows that the only way to kill a warlock is to kite) As for rangers, they need strategy and timing. As a bird, i would like to say that it is quite easy to trick warlocks into using their skills. I prefer using the "run in-fall back" tactic, when you are 6 yards away from a warlock i ALWAYS fall back.(Remember, dark circle range is 5 yards so watch out ;) fear is 4 yards, ouch) In most cases they would've thrown their dark circle, 1 skill wasted. This is when you or your partner strikes, the warlock would be able to fear one, so be prepared. If there are two warlocks...oh dear god) Pst: im a bird
  9. - a genius bird (aka me) Pst. im a Bird *chirp chirp*
  10. Yup, alot of old timers left the game as the game was ruined. Only a few old-timers remained, even me, a bird. Pst. Im a bird. *chirp chirp*
  11. Great story, the ending was quite sad though, even for me, a bird :( Pst. Im a bird Now if you would excuse me, i have business to do, shoo away! *continues to brew my evil bird potion*
  12. :facepalm: Pst. Im a bird
  13. Shadowbird

    Gold again -_-

    you and your Lol's Pst. Im a bird
  14. Everyone that does not have a warlock should really create one and you'll see how important net speed is + you'll have to time all the skills perfectly. :facepalm: Warlock is not an easy class to play, and i repeat; THEY ARE NOT HEALERS! They need to kill fast and time all skills PERFECTLY in order to survive. :facepalm: Pst. Im a bird
  15. Yo dawg, that's sad to hear, good luck bro Pst. Im a bird
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