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  1. GWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA........ but no seriously its not my phone i didnt buy it from some half retarded muslim pon shop with derka coins i got it from actual store and had it checked out and all it also has a 1gig ram xD
  2. 1,200 mhz is also 1.2 ghz 1000 mhz is 1ghz
  3. Lmfao 1.2 ghz is more its 1,200 giga hertz
  4. Alot better then what i had b4 i had 225 mhz then upgraded phones but on my old one i overclocked to 320 mhz and never had graphic errors
  5. Lmao im not overclocked i havent even rooted my phone my phone has a 1.2 ghz processor why would i need to overclock :crazy:
  6. Heres a link to my phone info snorlax http://www.mycricket.com/cell-phones/details/zte-engage-v8000
  7. Again i say i fail to see why its not a graphic fail anyone can do that
  8. I fail to see why u posted this here
  9. Belive it or not its not my phone thank u very much
  10. breaking bad good show love it 8)
  11. Well idk im just sharing my amps and equips in case interested i want to join a good guild and urs seems gr8 shitley
  12. Hmm well id like to join names tydeee rouge lvl 18 all armours +5 2 part kw blades scout gladius +7 392 dmg 1748 Crit max send me a pm
  13. Pvp me pogingpnoy I have amped more since last pvp :blush:
  14. I am chill just morons like black are verry annoying
  15. Dont facepalm me black its true wether your a$$ accepts it or not aoa and abc has a few nice people
  16. Abc or aoa :rofl: abc or aoa bro Both have a few nice people
  17. tydess


    Lol quit complaining rouges have disadvantage too it could be worse rouges could wear heavy armour but they cant so can ur pie hole and move on In truth before they downgraded rouges our cooldown time would start in stealth but now it wont cooldown till after rouge leaves stealth so your lucky
  18. Lmao i love how ur doing this in the middle of a war zone at gg xD
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