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  1. If u guys are rude or other shitty atitude dont play ws and people who just start and call em noob should be a shame... Ill defend noobs right of playing..... Pvp me..... Ill be on most on my mc side name crictelf and on elf side is pogingpnoy if u lost pvp ull have to quit ws if i lost u can continue ur shitty attitude am sick of people asking me for items and call me noob if i dont give em... So pvp my pogingpnoy i
  2. Just vote who will get into abc and tyd chill
  3. Hey guys am been playing warspear for 2 years now and so far 12account of mine all lv 16+ got hack well thats over and me and my friend wants to join abc..... So if i cam join abc please vote for me crictelf or my friend tydeee... Thx
  4. Saint480


    guys who wants to pvp with me i know am noob is jst that i wana try ok and in mc sode i got a guild and if u wana join please pm crictelf in mc side... Thx to all my fellow friend especially jcsky,subsonic,jayrox,mdea and more u know who u r ok thx for everything!
  5. I hope they giveu free coins ionly got 2left n am in secondworld sucks...jus gveme Q1k m haapppy ;)
  6. 3.0..ill delete all my char and start the new classes taugh now my bladedancer is lv 20 and ranger n my druid is lv 18 so sad man ;D
  7. whos the best ppol...........in warspear....name 1or2 champs in ur server......... :drinks:
  8. Saint480

    my account

    Who one my account.......idun play anymore.....lv20 for bladedancer,babarien but ranger lv18.... :good:
  9. Saint480


    How should i know i jus create......an warspear account.... :cray:
  10. Guys am not raisis only my fren his the one who post it.....sry alonso :facepalm: :good:
  11. Saint480


    creating clan is the bestidea 8) Cuz we can hv clan war :good: :good:
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