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  1. Information will be uploaded in due time. Current member count: 12 Prerequisites: 1) At least 6 Months experience playing warspear 2) English speaker 3) Level 15 or above.
  2. Like the new weapon accessories added in, Because capes are worn by all, why not create a skin for capes, such as wings? (this will be present if a costume is not worn ofcourse, unless you think of something else. Another feature that should be added is an Armor Dye NPC or item where, such as the hair colour dye, you choose the colour of your armor etc, i think that would be cool, because some armor have more than 1 colour scheme, you could choose like Palette 1 colour: palette 2 colour: etc.
  3. ♥♥♥♥♥es. ♥♥♥♥♥es everywhere... Challenge him again, and screenshot what he says before posting this, now you've started a ♥♥♥♥♥ fight...
  4. lol, if the rouge has a stealth llv 3 or more, mage has no chance, in my case, i play with VERY low ping (54) if i click gouge, it'll work almost instantaniously, same with the rest of my skills. Mages are easily killed, simply approach during stealth, use merci then a quick gouge+attack combo so you get a cheap shot in at the same time gouge works, this will eliminate the chance of getting shackled by them..make sure gouge is atleast two though, so when it finishes, stealth will almost be ready, auto attack 2 times and stealth will be done so do merci attack etc till gouge is back, you'll take dmg thought but eh. Easy kills . Strategie is all thats needed
  5. :L i'm not hating on anyone here but i know 4 other shamas that are legendary/way better, these are: - Snowy (old player) - Ultimecia - Berengars ( the main owner of the char) - saphirex ( old player ) as for rangers: - Greensaber - Scout - xkakarotox - Bullseye ( i think thats the name) - Vestorya Rogues: - Afro - sulla - Stupendous -captainpoo Barbs: - xspartanss - Mecha's barb - Chronos - Flowhunter - Anihalator BD: - Savageking - Sennheiser - Jaw if you can beat any one of them, especially Afro, Savageking, Ultimecia, Greensaber, or Mech's barb, then i'll admit you're up there, but certainly not #1
  6. :L i have 701 def as rogue lvl 6..
  7. Auora

    Highest Rogue Crits

    I promise that by the time i'm llvl 18, i will beat 2269 Crit, ;) if i can't, i'll gladly buy you some coins sulla (;
  8. This post is honestly retarded, it's like saying 'rogue gouged me and went invisible'... Priests are easily killed, like all skills, they have cooldown, simply use that scatter move or whatever on shaman and walk away ish until the mana drain skill has fonishd then go back to attacking... Just don't spamm every skill you got, shamans are one of the most versitile characters in the game... Put your heal on before you start pvp so you can just auto attack if he's draining, sooner or later his mana will finish.
  9. The troll costume shows my personality. I'm a fun loving dude, i don't take anything seriously. And also the wedding suit ( i have) when i wear wedding suit, it means i've gone serious and am ready to kill ♥♥♥♥♥ez i want troll costume back :(
  10. Yeha i know there is a warning, but sometimes you're just like 'nah, screw this, lets spam.' and we accidentally click more than once, bypassing that warning =.=
  11. 'tis fine thread-poster, just send a ticket/support thing, i did it, i lagged out once too and they just simply ask you to tell em when it happened etc, then they'll check the player logs and you'll disconnect if you were playing whislt they add your item back, but if you are lying to them, you're in trouble. :)
  12. Auora

    Rogue build

    mmhmm i thought so, i'll just keep that quiet :)
  13. Dude, don't waste your time at lvl 6, lvl up, get to llv 13 and start saving points if you wish, or just level up to the max, let leigoneer waste money at such a low level if he likes, by the time he gets to irsnolt doing quests, i'm sure he won't be strong enough to kill you ( you'll be probably lvl 17+) he's trying to get #1 in arena haha.
  14. It's completely neutral. Think of it as a start line, People who buy MC basically start further ahead of you People who dont, start at the normal spot in the end, they both have the same finish line, you cant go past that finish line, it'll just take the person who didnt buy MC a little longer to reach. Finish line = maxed char.
  15. Auora

    Rogue build

    I got told by some players that rogues are getting a poison like new skill? I'm not sure, kiting would be annoying as it sounds right now
  16. Auora

    Rogue build

    I see i see, but i've noticed that if you have a good net connection = low ping on the game, skills like gouge work faste, for example in arena this ranger tried kiting me, my gouge is always able to hit 3 paces infront? I did a ping test, i have 54 so maybe that's why In Irsnolt is kiting a common thing?
  17. OHMYGOD, when amping gear to high lvls ( +5 to +10 ) an often mistake made by people is amping accidentally without using 54MC or signs, this can be fixed if a popup message says "Warning High risk of failure, continue?" if you forget to use a safety device like signs. I'm speaking from experience, i'm lvl 10 and accidentally amped my Lvl 7 sword of militman from +8 to +9 without signs, it's a good thing it didn't break or i would've died
  18. Auora

    Rogue build

    Hmm i see, i have an idea, im gonna lvl 2 chars to 15 1) Auora - maxed attack 2) Paralyzed - Maxed dodge etc both rogues question: When PvP'ng with rangers/ranged fighters, which would suit better? Attack speed or attack dmg?
  19. A couple of months ago, the rogue's stealth skill was modified to even out the battlefield, however now, it's causing problems such as 1) Being seen when in stealth in arena or in general 2) Stealth skill not always being effective to monsters. With the introduction to the new classes,i believe that the stealth skill should be reconfigured.
  20. Firstly, the time it takes for stealth to work after clicking it is dependant on your PING. ( net connection), When i click stealth it works almost instantaniously.
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