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  1. Oh Yes B.G Hard As Hell At That Time,Almost 2 Week To Get Last One Quest item From Lambert? Correct Me if Im Wrong. :facepalm: I'm Glad My Old Enemy Player Still Remember Me. :drinks: Saale Kamine. ;D You Can Have it Straw. :give_rose: That's My Bro. CHEERS :drinks:
  2. Nope,Elves Got 1st In Us- Sapphire. Athor Was The 1st Guy Who Got That Baton In Rank Day's.Later He Sold To Cichie In V.1.0 For Some Miracle Coins.
  3. So no more trading with mc's! Thn why the bosses in fb side drops mc junk item like claymore n buckler??
  4. Stop Dreaming LoL. :lol: Ok Sir,Thanks For The Update :drinks: :yahoo: Yea,WTF!
  5. xRaNGeR


    Sure You Can Farm Me Anytime,But I Dont Drop Any Rares Only Corpse :lol: :rofl:
  6. xRaNGeR


    He Is Barbarian Lol ... ;D Lina Always Talk About You ... :facepalm:
  7. All Shadows Die One By One ;D Gud Job Guys :good:
  8. Yes I Notice That BUG In My Ranger Too,One Of My Party Member Have 44 Regen Without Any Equipments And Mine Only 35,The Diff Is I Already Rep Capd (4500 Rep/Exp) Rank 5/Now Lvl 18 Ranger,And She Lvld 18 After New Ver 1.0.0 Realese.Plz Fixe That A.S.A.P,Thx In Adv...
  9. Yeah It Was Me Doing Magnos Quest Collect 30 Cherry Stones...
  10. Thx Slay I'll Try That Tactics Whn Server Online... @Zark I'll PM U Whn I'm Online..
  11. Hi All, I Need Help in Some Quest Listed Below, 1. Rak-Gozh 2. Guriar 3. Kratt I'M On Sapphire Server, Race Elf, Name Xranger... I'm Also Looking For A Party,Bcoz Whole Previous Party Members Left, Only Me And My One Friend Doing Some Daily Quest's Now, Bcoze We Both Not Enough Strong To Fight Miny Bosses...
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