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  1. just low people cus event not ready and everyones pissed.
  2. been downloading random games... Ugh made intro for some clan mates. runnin out of shit today i Even QUESTED. which is something i never do. any suggestions? @Higgings
  3. вы бы так подумали, но они задерживают ужас
  4. Results wont be posted until the 31st they made a russian topic addressing it but not an english one let me copy and paste. Friends! We are finishing the reception of stories for the "Secrets of Horror" contest . It's time to get inspired by the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday, so with great pleasure and a mug of hot drink we will study your work and in hot debates choose the best of them. We will announce the winners over the next week until 10/31/2019. Thanks to all participants for the work done and see you soon! AIGRIND
  5. Im 100% Sure. Charmers most broken class ingame if used correctly fact they nerfed the dog is good my lv6 charmer can kill lv20s. Druid and Charmer can be beat easy with Dodge/Resist set. I make multiple sets for different pvps. theres also always the choice not to go PVP orientated and With max Relaxation and High level Dark Ball Locks can out damage a mage when focusing on a single target quiet easily and have great pvp/war stuns. If you want me to check out your set up so i can tell you where your going wrong i will. just ask but dont try to turn it into legion is under powered. I think the fact theres less legion players atleast on my server is based off the few toxic people we have there.
  6. Contact support teams email they may be able to help you. but forum isnt the place for that
  7. this is stupid. DEVS do not favor one side more then the other.... Locks are good as they are... awesome pvp class. pure power. i could see a merger of the two skils and a new basic coming out but thats never happened and probably wont. all classes have there strengths maybe examine your set up with skills armor and amp and see if thats the problem
  8. ?Which server. US SAPP Sentinel most busy lol
  9. I think he means something more Unique. then a 2x Drop rate you know the common ones. like how they threw snorlar in. I suggest they change AA Boss and Add achieves for a new on as well and change it periodically like they use too... I loved when they did that. now its just hydra and honestly night prince is Garbage now besides for looks. @Akasha So About that Preview
  10. Ищите Почту России для объявления Хэллоуина, пожалуйста
  11. The once True king of horror and close Brother of Sam Hain was Pumpkin Head Jack. He was feared throughout the Horror Circus as much as Sam Hain was. During the Rain of Sam Hain in 2014 Horror Circus as the devilish partner Jack was Banished to Isrelnort to Run Amuck in the AA Palace of Avenger. Having destroyed many players and ruined many more Jack had grown in strength almost surpassing his brother Sam who Ruled the Circus with an Iron Fist. Sam who was filled up and being taken down reassuringly by the heroes of Arinar was worried about Jacks growing power. So when 2014 ended Sam Banished him into all Horror Circus Chests. Destroying his once lively body and spirit to be nothing but a mindless costume forever entoned into the Future Halloween chests. Its been Years and no ones heard or seen from jack besides his hollowed out costume that players occassionally get from the exact chest he was banished into . Before the preparations began to for 2019 Horror Circus Sam Realized Jacks once soul that was trapped into the chests was not there anymore instead existed one note "Im Coming for My Circus Brother - Jack" The main Boss will be Jacks ghost. His servants will be Wedgehead Male Vampire Dead Brides and all the other Bosses that were banished to chests that use to be bosses in 2011-2018 Horror. He Will have a Ghostly Appearance now and Float having a Body made of purely spirit with a Fiery Core and a White/grey essence about it. connected will be two ghostly hands and A menacing Scythe much worse then Sams Past Self used. His head A Fiery Pumpkin surrounded by Flames Almost Unscathable to look at from the Menace in his eyes and A Crown upon his head and a Cape around his Ghostly shoulders to claim back the Circus that Sam had taken. (Vampire Us Sapphire)
  12. Yeah I get it everyone cant get drop. @Akasha Everyone Can get horror Preview if youd be so kind though
  13. I bought 8 Trolls sadly i wasnt blessed with a single drop after 100 runs.
  14. half of MC US Sapp is like that . Such low players if you ignore them all = 0 chance to get items or invite to arena or farm
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