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  1. I agree Piercing should be change to ignore Resi and Shield+ barbs skill. or something of that effect. Btw where the heck is 50% off guild level? theres also an event for it almost every year in christmas as long as i can remember during 2nd week of Janaury And i havent seen it yet. needa level guild and skills alot of guilds do....
  2. will there be a special new years deal when you guys take a break @Holmes
  3. Turtle

    Snow Bosses

    Snow Bosses need to drop more then Retri gears there way to difficult for just a low % at a garbage piece of equipment that you sell to NPC that or they need a Heavy nerf in patch Fix fast. I suggest adding weapons/Serpent costume to them and keeping them the way they are so its useful to farm them because at the moment its useless to fight them as they currently are. 11 Minutes 54 Seconds with two +10 Bladedancers buffed with Minon Btw. Link to youtube Video for Support. Crusher
  4. Crusher I dont think this boss and others ( Including 32) are worth farming considering retri gears are extremely bad for everything but questing. ive tried a full +10 Retri set and it was garbage. I suggest adding a Costume/Books/Weapons to the bosses so those drops will be the "Valauble" ones cus armors basically just go to NPC and no one will be touching these bosses even for quest cus there so difficult
  5. Nub. @AkashaWas Ice nerfed shows 3% on test and 4% on amulet. same as craft which makes it garbage
  6. I like this idea. some servers POPS are just to low compared to others this would fix alot of issues with low players
  7. Yeppers. alot of times ive been given crap for paying or donating for a slot rather then making GP even by low amp players. Activeness in Dg and Events is how you stay in a high level guild
  8. Press X To Doubt. Elfs are stronger PVE sure (After this update I doubt they will be seems to be balanced) in a PVP/Arena Setting definetely not 2 players can kill 1 shaman without a heal and your complaining? in your world shaman solos them. Your ignoring the blatant fact that some classes are overpowered and again skill fixes are for PVP not PVE . Guilds lv6 and above do not recruit "Op" players they recruit players who are just active atleast on US Sapphire not hard to get in a lv6+ guild which my hunter is not and still has np .
  9. True. but with guild buffs now you can easily stack mana mine uses lv20 rings and i have no issue atm
  10. what are you smoking. mages shield blocks one hit its not Even CLOSE to warden. and yeah they easily can cus mobs cant resist and they have stonebody. your completely pointless cus youve never actaully TRIED these classes you just die to one or see them solo something and say there op. Try shaman highest single target dmg ingame from a skill and a heal and can stack resi and hp up to 8k . now thats broken.
  11. you obviously didnt read update and this is coming from someone who has both classes +10 my Hunter deals more Physical dmg in an att speed set to a single target then my ranger does. Also it doesnt matter what it targets its still hitting 500-600 a hit . and can get 2x on the field without a problem. Mc is fine PVE and new buffs will make them even better. your post was irrelevant
  12. Seekers are highkey trash. they deserve a buff also if you actaully build resi no seekers hitting you 2k+
  13. Mages are Good PVE So? Why Cry. Ranger is good DPS but it actaully is less then hunters on a target. BD with 70% Speed is good for pve yeah but its Paper dies in one hit. Warlock= Absolutely Aoe stun god with a Passive Damage skill now are you kidding thats NUTS in PVE and PVP i might make one Hunter= Yeah manas bad but if built attack speed with skill speed is better DPS and has Stuns for pvp Rogue= Exterm makes it pure pve idk what ur wanting from me here there trash pvp and deserved the buff they got Mc - Warlock Hunter Rogue and Charmers can be a Damage as well same as Blade dancers can be with right set. Wardens broken but its getting a heavy nerf that almost seems to much imo. Btw what is the point of your comment? Fixes and Nerfs are based off of pvp aspect to help the classes that dont "Shine" as much wanting to nerf someone cus they can run dg better then you is just sad.
  14. Did we Read the Same Topic cus your way off. Also stop crying Mages didnt get "Nerfed" Enough shamans got buffed there best class ingame when it comes to just sheer power and charmers are broken. I agree with Higgings though... Dks NEED a buff on Saturation. I deleted my DK after reserve nerf cus it just made the class a Subpar tank IMO and the 10% HP loss on Satu was not flyin with.
  15. honestly same thing happened to me and developers basically told me sorry not sorry shouldnt of let your fb get hacked. lost my mage and barb all +10. I truely hope they help you and look into further ways of avoiding this....
  16. Last week of event or next week? im hyped to see snow and last week of horror what event you have in store.
  17. I feel this. mages are alot better vs 1v1 DPS classes with Stun weap tho. Try it you wont be dissapointed. i prefer it over Fero anyday
  18. ye 2013 was dope. and i think 2x will be next week for everything. and 3x will be final week after that. I think there doing this to spice things up and keep event intresting which I enjoy.
  19. This appreciate what you get guys. all "ideas" can be ripped off baron reminds me of the Voodoo man from Princess Frog (Disney) And I think its great. 90% of this game is resused ideas with a twist. get used to it. I farm Everyday. tryna not buy miracle coins. so far its been eh but yesterday it was worth it.
  20. Already got Distortion book and Valdemar just from farming all day today Thanks for the 2x Helpful as shit.
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