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  1. Malek i dont know u much . when u talk to me and tell all u got at aoa , i think u deserve to get chance .thats why i say yes... but after talk to many member , I know u do many things to insult us before... we dont care if u from aoa or other guild , as long as u have gud personalty. .. like loveshaman, even she from aoa , and hssn bestfriend . i never see her do bad things and kindly .never insult and be dog to hassn , many say yes for her. im sory malek i changes my mind . i vote no..... thats my mistake , not find out abaut u first . sory for this . :(
  2. sooooo nice time . fire shower .. ioki so prety and sexy wkwkwkkwkwkwkwk
  3. I wish that for every extra candle on your cake :give_rose: and you receive an extra reason to smile :yahoo: . Happy Birthday to U :drinks: :clapping:
  4. welcome to ABC Loveable . :friends: :drinks: im so greatfull be in this guild . never treat other as guild point machine or wokers but all member do they best for guild couse they love this guild . welcome to our family :good:
  5. yes for me and michele . what i know is loveable is gud player and friendly. if she more chose us than aoa . i think its gud . .wish u can join us sis .
  6. thanks for all suport and all who vote me . :yahoo: i will do my best O:-) :good:
  7. if im not indo girl than gw apa ? :aggressive: :search:
  8. misiiii . aku anak baru di ws . wkwkwkwkk :lol:
  9. ehmmm ::) thx blood . hi all indo ;)
  10. yes . he said want borrow it . but he sell it :facepalm: no one i trust in ws like i trust him . but he do this to me . i cant belive it :unknw: :cray: he lough me and say why u just relize now . why u trust me. . i realy cry not becouse lost sword . but cant belive that someone u trust so much do this and say that. :sorry:
  11. cindy

    Clan Elite

    WICKEDMAGE IS THE BEST :good: :clapping:
  12. 3 Hours . OMG :shok: :( :aggressive: :cray: :cray: :cray:
  13. :drinks: Hassn and Vanityx, for this moment is the best Untill "Fely" got his King :lol: :facepalm:
  14. This what i get from that ice casket :search: Bag full with crystall and drink :bad: :facepalm: but at last im happy ::) , couse i got what i want . my Dream costume :yahoo: :good: wewww why my pic be so big :unknw: :wacko: :wacko:
  15. O M G ::) CANT WAIT TILL THAT UPDATE .... WELCOME CHRISTMASS :drinks: :'( :give_rose:
  16. thx for all suggest ;) :good: i play rogue now. my char name is cindyy . O:-) hope we can be friend. first i want to give up couse i think all quest is so hard and i always lost my way at map :( . but the more i play ,.the more i fell its a great game. thx for all who help me in quest . :friends: :give_rose:
  17. im new here and still confuse. all quest fell so hard . I try all but dont know which one is best . HELPPPPPP ....!!!!! :bad: but i think this is gud game :good:
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