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  1. I'm sure Developers have tested how hard playing a warlock with control skills, only good players can play warlock and they are less than noobs, in all arena category, warlock isn't on top, all warlocks on top 100 i checked, most of them lost many fights, then i looked rogue and ranger they are the mostly win all battle, you guys forgot, when warlock can stun they may can win but its about control skills that not all people can use it perfectly, once fail its really suck for warlock.
  2. You guys all stupid, warlock is not tanker or healer and warlock is the only class in MC/FS which were able to die in a sec when warlock is under attacked.
  3. i repeat again. Someone sold his account for 100K, after got money, he reported to GM to ask help to get his acc back, he lied to GM with reason acc hacked, so GM trusted him and tried to help by recovering his acc. Conclusion: GM helped people who against the rule (scammer). So i suggest to GM to don't be easy to recover acc for people who told about acc hacked because that people might lie to get acc back after he sold his acc without knowing by GM
  4. lol still no one can get my point. In this case GM helped the scammer to get his acc back
  5. Yes, very good point! Please make separation of the number players demanding in every level category, not in total.
  6. As i am a warlock i also have been killed many times by BD more than i killed them, BD just need a few hits with hamstring to kill warlock while warlock need 10+ times of hits and many times stun, once stun fail, warlock died.
  7. melee vs melee in close combat, barbar can't use charge with many ways, even using taunt but still hard to get 3 steps yard back from close combat while BD can use hamstring many times without any moving back
  8. Smartless people never understand what i meant. Read this dialog: A: i sell my barbar char lv18 full enchant gears for 100K gold B: Ok, i'll buy A and B was deal B: Here take the gold Then A gave the account details B: Thank you A: You're welcome Now B can access his account and changed his data then after getting gold, A seems want to get his account back by pretending that account got hacked by someone A coming to forum and pretends to report to GM that his account got hacked A: "Snorlax please help me, my account got hacked, pls recover my account!" A also sent a ticket to support with fake skenario to get his account back GM never know that his account already sold to someone but only listen what the owner said his account got hacked, then GM helped him to recover his account and finally A got his account back after he sold it and got 100K gold. So what your mind??
  9. I think you still dont understand what i mean. Someone never tell GM about sell/trade cuz he knows its illegal then someone using a trick like pretending to be a victim for example his acc got hacked but the fact he sold his acc and want his acc back by asking GM to help recovering his acc.
  10. Lol blueborn, u should be a joke. GM helped people (who against the rule) to recover his account, GM only know that the acc got hacked without knowing that the reporter is tricking GM to get acc back after he sold his acc.
  11. And for blueborn, i have question for you, how about someone after sold his account and got his account back? Is it illegal? GM helped to recover his account without knowing the real problem, so the selling got advantage with money and acc back.
  12. How about so many people report about his account got scammed or got hacked, without we know, he already sold his account and got money, then with smart brain he reported to this forum to get back his account, "snorlax i need your help! My account got hacked, pls recover my account" without knowing, he sold his account and got money but he was so smart
  13. i mean so many people report about their account got hacked it's 90% fake, they are trying to get back account after they sold his account, thats ridiculous!
  14. Snorlax and all team, please read and understand this carefully. Someone sold his account and got money, after got money, the owner trying to report GM that his account got hacked and wanted to get back his account by recovery. After some analys, that someone who already got money by selling his account then he trying to get back his account by pretending to be victim. Sure, the buyer knew his account details because the owner was deal and got money but the owner is smart and need help GM to recover his account to get back, it happened a lot in this forum without knowing us. They did something to tricky GM to get back account after account sold by pretending to be victim of scammer/acc hacked in this forum.
  15. Finally, that was my fav comic, very unique and sweet, i thought you would be 1st place hehe... Btw congratulation Kyu... :)
  16. Look! Barbar vs BD. When fighting in close combat, the barbar totaly can't make a distance for 3 yards, this is ridiculous that Bd can use hamstring many times in close combat
  17. balinor

    Unfair DEVS

    Hello. For lulee, i know you get frustated if cooldown of circle to be increased, but not only you, many warlock players are afraid if Dev really change the time of cooldown. Don't worry, Dev won't change anything to nerf the warlock, its keep 14 sec. for last forever xD
  18. Maybe he meant hamstring with 200 dmg bleed x3 was a bug xD
  19. Anyone can tell about the charge skill after Developer fixed it's bug? Is it still worse like before?
  20. You elf, forgot about attack power and heal of druid is higher than shaman, shaman is only higher in HP but wait, when i saw pvp 1v1 that shaman's HP is under the druid's HP, means druid can make his HP higher by some gears. And pls try pvp with dagorth (druid), i wanna see how you can beat that druid.
  21. It won't be affacted to the game. Already many old-players gone and left the game but more new comers coming more than players left. (hilang satu tumbuh seribu)
  22. Warlock get nerfed news. Good warlock; "i have tried with hard time to kite, run, escape with my bloody sweat but me ends with death :(" BD; "haha... Now easy.. Just catch and click click"
  23. So you want good warlock die by all BD (noob and some good BD)? You know how to be good warlock? You can count how many good warlock comparing with noob warlock in game? Only a few good warlock they play with fast internet, never lag, big screen, fast controling cuz of a mouse.
  24. U lost by warlock/shaman? Try partner with DPS class, mage/ranger.
  25. Average BD can kill noob warlock just 1 hit + hamstring. I means good warlock can be beaten by high amped BD (not rich BD)
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