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  1. Ws loging page changed clash of guild woeooeoeoeoeesoso
  2. invi cooldown 8 sec weepeee ;D BTW where my all quest :bad:
  3. do u think am funniest guy ??? :tease: ;D....... >:D But i never like to fun with that type noob mistakes
  4. oi devs what did u think ? u give shit update and player s play ws ...never so stop that noob update and make rogue and shaman like before update .....dnt need shaman and rogue skill updte they r perfect...and if u think rogue hide skill was ok then make hide untill char mana end ....i mean invi take char mana how much long u hide that much mana ill takein per sec....and fix that 0! hit prob ....and untill that all not fix dnt make server online ....u guys r freaking me real ...
  5. >:D now u make this game noob devs ...ya u done so good things ..but rogue invi skill changeing that realy bad ..u can see maximam ppl play at elf side mc have just few ppls ...in that if u do that type noob skill change that cant taken .....dnt do any thing with rogue invi skill or rogue lover lev warspear ...think about that .. u going to make mc side noob for some noob elf compline...
  6. why bd chop so high + thry strong + good damage ... and why db stun so long range ...that bad ..do soming about that ...and rogue stun now for not long :-( thats realy bad ...but shaman still rulz i guess ...anyway main thing is why sms paymet off for india ...am a collage studen cant buy m.coin with cradit card..... so what i do now ..in game am so much poor ..my friends helping me ..but there also a limit for help...i cant say them daily i need this i need that...sometime i did not need to say ..they give me that......pls guys do something...or i die in hell:-( i even i cant take that 50% discount in valentain day ...u guys need watch our :-( :sorry:
  7. arijit


    This idea good but bad also coz if dev put that its take much mb and anouther thing is that idea for pc mmo not for mobile mmo ;D
  8. 14/12/2012 -----> mc side -----> relic location -----> FISHERMEN VILLAGE 8) npc name ELDER BEYN enjoy guys
  9. 13/12/2012 -----> mc side ---> relic location---> GRAYBEAD 8) GRAYBEAD npc at cave ok guys enjoy
  10. Wtffff ....!!!! I downlad this game 2 time 90% then again start from 1% :cray: if i cant play today belive me devs ill put a :bomb: inside ur bathroom then u can feel what am feeling rite now :bad: ;D
  11. I delet an download this game gain but cant online and version showing 3.2 why :sorry: :(
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