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  1. add sorceressz he's skilled, #1 for me :good: i would add yimmio but she doesnt play shaman in pvp anymore. she loves her rogue now ;D
  2. this one aint from ws but omg i just wanna share ;D AMAZING 13mins o.O
  3. yea lol the missing dancers ;D
  4. my friend had lv9 armor and she's lv19 now so i helped her.
  5. killioness wanna eat sange and mine's faces so bad :lol: lol remembered that day again :facepalm:
  6. sis u dont attack them even in arena :lol: :lol: but u do great in healing us in arena :yahoo: great necro healer
  7. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  8. just found on my old folders of w.s screenshots :unknw: wondering where roguetrr is now
  9. ::) i dont need to explain or prove myself to anyone that doesnt matter.
  10. only 5 people knows my skype name. ::) try asking one of them maybe they'll give u :lol:
  11. :rofl: those pics are almost 2yrs ago. lol, no new pics? :bad: if you want new ones talk to me on skype ;)
  12. omg seriously farm boss that drops it? LMFAO youre dumb __________ on elf side. :blush:
  13. i keep it on tho, i always wanna see if my friends are on or off :blush:
  14. it was annoying tho :wacko: coz we was talking and i kept getting "Info: Player Mervuriall left the game" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. :facepalm: 5mins of watching him be like this
  16. :blush: thank you sir ive just seen on WS fb page :yahoo: go Warspear! win top spot!
  17. ive read this from a page of one of the games i was playing before. when i checked it out, i seen Warspear-Online also nominated. so i voted for it rather than the other game I saw it from. :blush: i posted it here so y'all can also vote and make WS win top spot :yahoo: http://www.bestappever.com/android/v/mpgm/2/com.aigrind.warspear/ im not advertising any webpage here. its all about warspear. ;D
  18. lmfao lv14s?Olumsuzler, Mercuriall, Daciousx, Adeumm, Coolwhipz, Warboy are level 14s? ok then. they are all lvl 14s :lol: :lol: war? there was no war. maybe "war" was what u said those ppl who joined u in a fail gank inside pvp cave :lol: yea yea believe in ur own lies. have fun :lol: trying to start something with me just coz u wanna be famous. last reply to you. YOURE A WASTE OF MY TIME. :bad:
  19. next time dont try to mess with ppl 2vs1 . aww now yall cant enter the cave coz some of our team inside :( you dont know who got his back :blush: ;D and please show a pic that i was crying on area chat if u always show pics about things that happen in-game :blush: you was able to kill olum 3vs1 2nd time you tried coz 2vs1 first time you failed when i blinded and killed eyit and olum killed u 1vs1 ;) not my fault if the 2nd time some of my friends helped me, i dint need to ask them tho. ;) and 3rd and 4th time yall tried y'all failed and gave up. you brought 1 full party and still failed. OMFGGGGGG!!! :(
  20. little people from PH ;D so relaxing when u gotta talk using ur own language. maybe, getting tired of talking in english so much :facepalm: 2ND PIC: PHGODZ (mcsaken) and PHGODS (elfchosen)
  21. she's just makin clean fun i guess. i havent heard anyone got scammed yet. and people investing 500gold or less on her. she gives it back with additional gold tho. :unknw:
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