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  1. Mark of blade skill, but u need to apply to an enemy to make it work
  2. Emery

    MCoins in China

    Lool meh, btw higgs the price here increased again like from 11/12k -> 15/16k -> 18/19k -> 20-22k (currently) on sale day
  3. Try to email support regarding your problem by "Account Recovery" option. Wish you for the best.
  4. I will answer 2nd question, You can obtain vampirism rune (life steal) only from certain event mcoin chests only, which are available during halloween, spring, and ws birthday events 🙂
  5. I myself play priest, and i invest alot in both PvE and PvP, if you have the right setup, it is dmger+healer, mainly in PvE. And in my opinion, mage, warden, and ranger are op PvE classes, no one can beat ranger in dps i can say 🙂 as i play most sentinel classes you can msg me personally if you desire it.
  6. Firstly, The description of the book doesn't say 6% based on maximum hp, it only says increase maximum hp by 6% (and literally, it is 6% of base hp) Secondly, You may use ws.db Calculator as preference for the calculations of stats, but it is not accurate 100%, please keep that in mind, as the developer said it too. Have a good day!
  7. At certain moment you can make the chars in us-sapphire elf side, i tried to make on a new acc yesterday and successful 🙂
  8. Sorry if my words offended any of you, right, let's wait for admins to respond here 🙂 And right, we mods don't even know how the ban mechanic works
  9. So again i say, how may i help you? Aigrind is probably busy right now on the next ayvondil release. And do u give proper explanations, sufficient infos, and proofs?
  10. The statement here is right, get enough of the drama. Hard to measure the fairness these days. If you really got any complaint, report properly to support team, they will take necessary actions ! As some mentioned, it may abit longer to fix the issues as there are alot of complaints every day, message me directly here if there is a thing i can help, have a good day
  11. Well, bots are stricted banned by any mean, or do mean anything else?
  12. Sorry to hear it, but current feature is fine. Next time please be careful, you can do cross-checking by seeing item solds 🙂
  13. https://discord.gg/NQ6c3sX Come and join! 🙂
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