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  1. well i was thinking to replace my speed horror cloack to chiton grand (level 30 cloack with mana regen and resist), but after u saying that i wont, i will still need a pot or castle scroll to cover it up which mean i cant use any scroll or pot damage because i already use it for mana. thx for the info tho😁
  2. i did and still keep runing out of energy when i fight bosses
  3. i mean the energy consumption is way too high for seeker. i have 104 mana regen and still cant cover the mana that the 3 skills consumed. So i hope there will be an adjustment for the mana consumption thing.
  4. Iam a seeker with all great charms on energy regen and use a mana book also have a guild with mana regen buff but still when i use excacerbation,solar power, and mermen armor skill, the mana regen wont cover the total cost of the mana that i use. So pls adjust something to make this thing works better. Thanks
  5. Pala new skill is bugged, its increasing enemy damage lol it does the opposite effect. So i tested my damage to my friends pala and before buying the reworked pala book i hit 891 to him and after he bought the book i hit 1054 with same stat and equipment, its decreasing damage after its lose some hp still work only its higher than before buying the book. i have posted this no one listen😡
  6. Hi devs after testing 2nd stage of test server i found an intresting bug about exacerbation seekers skill. When i first log i hit 891 to a player with the same stats and others and after a few minute i hit 1054 normally now with the same exact stats, this bug i found also on the first stage where i hit lesser when just playing for a few minute. Can u explain me how or why this happen? thanks
  7. Does this affect something? cause maybe if exacerbation is now increases the attack power instead of modifying the attack maybe it will change the output damage of basic attack cause maybe the calculation works differently. And also if its now icreasing power attack it should be also increasing skill damage such as splitting etc. and 1 more question is this all for update? or there are something yet that you guys hasnt released yet?
  8. Why arena award of 29-32 lvl is still 28 accessories? and why 31 arena weap havent showed up?
  9. hi all Just wondering if i open arena chest from map 1 is the chances to get fero and resil book is lower than arena chest from map 2 or 3? Thanks ur answer will mean so much to me
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