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  1. I see, thank you for the answer
  2. Is it possible to go bear 4/5, AoE 4/5 and speed 5/5?
  3. I see, thank you for your tips!
  4. For a long time i have wondered the depths of forums, searching for the best solo class and among all the healers i found something else. Warden class. Yet i sit and hesitatate. Should i choose charmer, i might have the same chance as with warden to survive harsh enviroment that is warspear. So i ask you, humble reader, should i choose warden or should i go for something more spicy?
  5. Im sorry for not stating something. As from my last topic i wanted to learn the way to solo this game. But when someone recommended warden i saw that blade dancer was another option. Having solo strategy in mind i somehow managed to forget this crucial thing in this topic. So once again i shamelessly will ask again: Which one is better at the PvE solo departament, Warden or Blade dancer?
  6. Matotuxs

    Solo PvE

    Hello, I would like to know which characters are best for solo players such as me. I usually like playing RPG games solo and in other games this strategy is pretty manageable. I picked hunter in hopes of clutching it but the more i played the more i realized this is very ineffective to play as a solo player. Especially due to elites having way too much hp for my flimsy crossbow. So instead of finding friends and actually being social i just want to know best solo characters. Or maybe there is an alrernative for the hunter? I would like to know your opinions.
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