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  1. Sorry to hear it, but current feature is fine. Next time please be careful, you can do cross-checking by seeing item solds 🙂
  2. https://discord.gg/NQ6c3sX Come and join! 🙂
  3. Hello there, it is probably due to the sharing account, and the one you share account with did a "mcoins purchase refund" , as mentioned on email response from support team, you need to pay the amount refunded to get your account and your friend's unblocked, try to discuss it with your friend. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for adding newly-type of 5x5 arena, really enjoy it ))
  5. I'm on the sentinels team too! @AatifFraz mage is so great in pve too 🙂 and bladedancer which can be both tanker+dmger
  6. Yes )) thanks Tim, i see new display on the lastest version
  7. Alright, thanks @snorlax @Reivenorik
  8. It remains same, it means in order to win, your pt needs to collect 1k points by capturing seals.
  9. It seems like the battles per week increased to 2/3, which is weird. Take a look : Thank you.
  10. It implies something, is it gonna happen tho? Not sure
  11. Hehe can't say, but yes u do waste alot of gold/money + time to complete a craft profession xd
  12. Rings isn't bad hehe, well currently armors are on demand, though. 🙂 Of course you will get profit, there will be craft orders, and from there you produce gold. If you know Nakox, he is a dedicated craftor and purely craft for business. You may give a try to ask him the tips and tricks, good luck!
  13. Increase max hp and hp regen
  14. Good memory! 🙂 Hello there, to reach lv20 in a craft profession, you are required to make 245k xp there from lv1, with estimation of 3months for the first craft. Can't say the exact used licenses, everyone has their own preference whether to level slowly but sure or quickly but with more cost. First craft is always a hard beginning (with like 3 craft slots), but later you will get faster in leveling and eventually get used to it. If you got more questions, don't hesitate to ask. Good day!
  15. Maybe black list, to block certain players for not being invited to guild
  16. Sorry abit late to respond, but you collect unique smileys from completing the event achievements beside for fun 🙂
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