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  1. Hehehehehe i uz spended my 15 mins reading this all Loved t :D well Pummy Rocks *Thumbs up*
  2. its ok ladygi but the only thing bothering me now iz this behaviour from mods :| they not even replying once what tha F happened :| y i hav been blockd?؟
  3. lol Ladygi :| hehehe I :( Already sent 2 tickets no reply over 7 days
  4. All i M concerned is Why My account was blocked I need an Answer...!!!!!!
  5. This is to ask the moderators y my account has been blockd and there is no response still from support team......! i need a ******* answer....! i have read all The Eula's Terms and conditions and its almost a week now....! no reply still from ur end. Already sent 3 mails 2 from tickets 1 directly to support. How irresponsible u guys are:S:S:S
  6. Hi........!! My bd lvl 17 now can i pvp some 1 ??? :) :drinks: :give_rose:
  7. yaaaay Thumbs up........! Cnt wait now plz make it as soon as possible :*
  8. If i take things like u its going to be an unending list of mmc gankers lol lol lol its a game play it for destressing :P:P:D
  9. Count Me in ........ Btw good idea :P My bd is in :P
  10. I think babycore got a bad expierience........! I personally believe there shld be a gm or a person responsible online all the time ........! Bcoz of late lots of harrasments issues came up peoples play games to destress....! I got some frnds who were askd weird questions bout their sexuality.......! But there shld be a way to keep trouble mmakers @ bay......! Worst part i have seen retards who changes char nd pm samme person for sex *z* damn bullshit *z* nd as far as respect is concerned u need to earn it babycore.......! I dont mind if gms start charging for playing ws but atleast make it playable........! I saw some guys giving bull shit racist remmarks on tc......! What u do when u get over such type of situations in real life?? I think we need a person frm administration always there to help........! In my last mmorpg it was like dat only nd dats really helpful.......!
  11. hehehehe nice prince whatever mmcs r chickens they hate mme so much tat they cnt see mme @ cave coz m hard to beat :) i would like 2 pvp ur druid hazyswazy........! :)
  12. Mr.stark

    Indian community

    hi Bhai log......! :)
  13. hmmm nice line up of players :)
  14. Love war :* :D its always kinda boring towards the evening its a good idea for a war time :D
  15. Haloween Celebrations seemms only to mmcoin users...! Coz only holiday bags giving cool Costumes....! Wat u get aftr collecting 70 amber pieces.....! :! Bullshit :! Nd again bug update was 2 remove bug bt it seems update caused a bigger bug :| can Moderators speak up on this?
  16. cool :D:D:D love it BULLZ EYE:D
  17. Well i think no need to delere swamps......! Its juz good the way it is.....! Some peoples juz want 2 get it deleted coz they no cnt control the markets...! Market players destroyed :|...! Nd anyways change Is the law of nature....! Before update i have seen people asking 100k for 1 carved signet lol:|....! Nd if any 1 bored of swamps they can always get back 2 irselnort....! Nd 1 more thing hard to leave ws :) coz u got so manny frnds here whn u play for 6-7 hours....! As it is well said Home is where they understands u not where u live :)
  18. Today my account was blockd ...! Thn aftr i able 2 login aftr sometime but i m on queit mode ..... :) i want 2 ask moderator y??? They cant ban those scammers who always posting tat shit webnode something free mcoins hacking site nd y blocking nd putting me on queit mode....!!! Need an answer.....
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