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  1. Wew 30 mins to take the 3 flas? In eu xD its 4mins as best record , 4-7normally
  2. springy

    My goodbyes.

    My friend!! Wish u best in life! DramaKing of sos :/ who will make drama inside guild chat now!!one of crazyest lowest temper ppl ive known! Bye my gp machine! XD whatsapp forever dude^^
  3. Thanx for explaining ima spread thay news , always thought its ligal coz never found it illigal in other game , only sell/trade is illigal anyway thanx But isnt it unfair abit? I want my brother play my char that may bring me ban , and since u cant identify who is playing , real brother or friend ,why isnt it ligal, all words up are conditions of sharing not reasons of guilty things that sharing brings. I just want to understand the reason itself not "action lead to punishment"
  4. Rule #1. The most important rule: Access to the account is granted only to those person who registered it. Using account in the other way will be considered as violation of EULA and Rules of Conduction. Example: You gave your login data (account ID and password) to your friend (brother, colleague, etc.) for any reason (i.e. to check new class, new faction, test skills, etc.). You will be liable for that action, your account could be blocked from the game. If you gave your login data (account ID and password) to your friend (brother, colleague, etc.) and after that you lost game items (gold, armor, weapon, etc). Only you will be liable for that action. If you get access to the account that you didn't create – you will be liable for that action, you could be blocked from the game. Violating of any rule in this thread may (and in most cases – will) cause temporal or permanent full denial of game access Well , does this mean share ur account with your friend on your own risk or its prohipted to even let ur friend use ur account , If so , i used my acc from different devices how will u know its me same person using not me/my friend using my acc? I know its commplicated issue which interfere with sell/trade chars thing but like 90% of all Eu share ids with their friends.
  5. My main account is banned (Shaman lvl24 Springy Eu) I was afk last month bearly loged once or twice , out of nowhere when i got free 2 days ago and tried to play , found my self banned
  6. Sooooooo when will u fix the deleted chars problem ????? I wantmy reward + all days that u gave to others and didnt give to me ! For real fix that
  7. So much drama about rules i guess devs doing their jobs @}- if u guys got some proves go make official reporting and send tick on the ws site, I want my arena buff !!!!!!!!!
  8. Any news about deleted chars problem fix? Gl solving it fast plz all ppl has their rewards except some xD unfair
  9. Wtf drakoth quitied long ago and deleted dk long ago , my shaman was #5 lmao
  10. Day by day wars? Really? This is infinite buff for elfs
  11. Dves u must figure a way for the inbalance in numbers , u didnt controle the amoubt of chars created on each faction , neither control amount of chars loged , so if want war it cant be this way . Sentials are waymore than mcs u r tslking about atleast double the number , with extra number of aoe stuns onmost common classes there thats gna be same ever time and on time elfs will get more organised and will taje it down in two to waves of attacking Id say increase time of war to 2h and make either scrol ress or u gotta wait 3mins this way everyone wont just dont go die and ress back , also when mcs decide to attack thy find as same number as sentials attackking , are defending and standing on flag, number inside city never gets down , onky thing that make number go down is client crashes coz of extra frames from that amount of ppl
  12. Aoe stuns xD locks vs druids,palas, bds xD plus the population issue. rape it was today next war will be massive win for elfs xD
  13. Too early release xD without even trying Here is my suggestion Time frame should be 2h+ Hp of banner increase though to be 500k Ress time for char be 2mins or use scrol, Main problem all this fail is amount of ppl never gets down even when ppl die, just ress and go defend again. Buff is for 24h? Thats lame worthless fight for At this point, war be weekly and buff lasts atleast 4 days of the week This will make it much of requirment , all will have to join , much more fun I hope u read this and reply or disscuss it
  14. If magic percent in accessories will be same as usual 5% it will still suck. There is no pint making magic and psy same 5% , however u guys already know that ,arena reward items already are 15% magic
  15. Omg why tent will be no pvp zone :/ that was a funny troll haloween moments
  16. Roland hey i would like to ask what about a PvP area where all chars ( Mcs and elfs) can attack each other , only cant attack each other if we are in a party , Would be fun to have that in ws , also not hard to make it i guess What do u think?
  17. Im kinda confused , if Secret sanc , will be full filled with 4 bosses , Demo/aa/beh/snor where is jack o.O or that gate in middle is the gate to jack? And if so , whats required to enter
  18. thats totally missing up , new expert skills are so un balanced , the point that 2 elf classes have aoe heals and mc not makes it a big fail , necro fear lol xD area fear , and addetional stun for druids xD so its like 4 stuns now , with link and heal xD 2vs2 2 druids Now is epicly Godmode ffs that shit is funny
  19. i dont understand , do number 1-5 will get all rewards ? Or number 1-5 will get skill and only numb 1 will get the ring?
  20. explosion in Ws is so near xD wait for more info soon :lol:
  21. cool but its same as always , stupidly high hp boss , just take some time to die , no fun , neeeeed more cool sanc bosses like sam hain was tricky to die , with alot possibility of failure , not just high hp , high dmg , no funnnnnnn how about snorlar weapons skins ? would be cool too
  22. time to cry if u sold useless shit sudden doom weapons for npc :D except bow/xbow :D :lol:
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