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  1. anyone cankill you pvprange just most of us dont go out of our way to pvp
  2. i was thinking that pets would be like a new armour for its owner except u can train it to mske it stronger
  3. does anyone else see a connection between donkeykong and deathknight here?
  4. pvprange is always spamming what should be done?
  5. sichy

    Pro #1 player

    i would like to point out that i did not say pvprange was the strongest player. I said he may be because i have no idea who is
  6. roug is easy cause u can turn invisible to sneak past players and mobs(hostile)
  7. although iv never been killed by pvprange he is a very bad spammer and tries to make trouble on trade chat for mc using other chars
  8. sichy

    Pro #1 player

    pvp range maybe the strongest player but from what us mc see is he is a lonly troll seeking attention, spamming on trade chat and starting arguments with his other characters which he creates just for this purpose. More mc would probably like him more if he did not do these things.
  9. yep DS if possible soo many users would buy. If you do you should contact a company to make a cartridge for it as well.
  10. if we have pets they should not be able to be more than a yard away from u because imagine a bunch of players with pets moving too much it would lagg u
  11. sichy

    SO SAD...

    i believe the only reason they introduced the swamps was to force people to buy more repairs
  12. sichy

    elf vs mc

    its cause we now get noobs who buy kit/characer then get arena kit and troll the other faction
  13. rouge is easy to train and is decent in arena. Although if ur looking for an elf blade dancers are strong
  14. sichy

    more levels

    could we introduce 26 new levels and at level22 you get to choose another class inwhich you learn their skills. This would work by all their skills on 0 instead of 1 and you would learn 3 of them.
  15. we could rename it massicar cave :yahoo:
  16. sichy


    healspear currently heals 164
  17. sichy

    elf vs mc

    i understand this is a war game but plz dont kill people whilst they are training it just builds a cycle of hate and people start revenge attacks
  18. pvprange because he(and colaborators) are always going on mc trade chat and spamming how great he is
  19. a better reward would be done like the random items in the swamp quests with one good item three average and one bad item
  20. idea is brilliant much better than swamps...
  21. that would be good and possibly we could have a 4th island that is dedicated to clan vs clan rather than chsen vs not so chosen
  22. mbe mounts would be good and u could train them for better stats e.g. Health, accuracy, critical hits, speed
  23. what items does the lake elemental drop?
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