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  1. Snorlax,roland can you change my name same in my signature "admiralll" ? Thank you
  2. Aww amit,sent to.contact.support.and explain
  3. All have +9 +10 gear in previous arena gear all waste in this game update. Game Update for the money. Bored.
  4. Ulala i think only 2 gear equip in cc new store can buy and the rest u need a guild more than 1 win in tourney to get full lvl 20 sets. Same like a bg sets. Sorry noob in english.haha
  5. haizzzzzz still no update for symbian... snorlax/roland when update client???? give a a date ;(
  6. use 13 skill points to skill base and the rest in expert
  7. snorlax/roland . Update symbian client, i want new skills :(
  8. gm why still 3.11.1 on download link, symbian user
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