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  1. Level 5 Roar decreases Shackle Tower damage from to 100 to 84. Seems like it's only 16% damage reduction.
  2. Necro Stave, Mace and mage Baton.
  3. Try power button and volume down.
  4. Calling someones rich while keeping in bag +9 bow AND +9 xbow is nothing but hypocrisy. Were*
  5. disturbers new obsession :facepalm:
  6. my idea for arena dk (shaman, wl, rogue partner) arena spear, lvl 17 arena set (armor, helm, boots, belt), cc gloves, torturer cape and rings (hp runes), lvl 18 pendant ~3250 hp, ~180 dark, ~25% crit, ~21% resi, ~13% accu main idea of this set to deal as much dmg as possible to one target while the other one is disabled (blind, fear, gouge)
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