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  1. Buy pumpkin head jack and x2 lvl 5 ice rings us sapphire mc :alpharouge
  2. Hi im buying a lot of rare costumes on mc side for my rogue and would like to buy any rare costume i do not have. Please post a screen shot or name the costume with the price or private message me on us sapphire on mc my characters name is ( alpharouge) if you want to trade.
  3. Ss didnt post first time
  4. Watch out for this player hes trying to steal from new less experienced players by giving free miricale coins. I made lvl 1 gave him info ofc he changed info then logged off. pls warn other players and be careful and safe :) sorry if i posted same ss twice
  5. Lol you going to show the costume?
  6. Hi first i would like to start off with by saying i love this game and have spent alot of time playing it all the players are what make the game fun most of them any way. Some of them are liars and cheaters who steal to get ahead in the game. That's the reason im here yesterday my little brother lost his bd lvl 20 and i was hoping you guys could get it back for him he said hes sent in a ticket and i have sent one in for him to but i have also sent in tickets about my old account months ago and you guys never replied about that one so i came here instead because you guys seem to always reply to
  7. So many others should have won :facepalm:. Add one of the better costumes to game not this one
  8. sayianking


    He's back on mc :shok:
  9. I'm bored....... :dirol:
  10. Lol so many ppl having problems with payment last time I talked to turttle he's stiill waiting for his mcoins devs owe him like 8k mcoins. I just got mine this week after a month never buying again lol takes to long to get them :bad:
  11. sayianking


    nope he just switched to elf tried scaming my brother with full bag trick by selling him doom bow for 800k with skin and switched at last second. To bad my bro knows tht trick and got a free +8 long bow
  12. Lol hope you get your account back :give_rose:. So I can kill you when you enter cave ♥♥♥♥♥ :shout:
  13. Somone wants free mcoins :blush:
  14. And idk if they even played ws bc after i recovered it i couldnt get on bc its blocked and i cant see if anythings changed. The other game i played (order and chaos) sent me my info this morning and evreything was messed up. I just want to make sure that nothig else is i played is like that.
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