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  1. Ive made a previous thread and I have not gotten a serious response that I want. Somone ( who I believe i know who it might be) has been using my account and changed my email and password. I know the creating login that I created it with , so please look forward into the case and find the i.p change? Find who did this? And I prefer an admin to respond, not a beholder.... :snorlax:
  2. I did say I wanted a response from rather an admin as from what I see , nothing happens by sending a ticket to the support team and I'm trying to retrieve an account that another i.p. is using! I believe i know who it is and I will be trying my best to get my account back and would appreciate if an admin or moderator looked further into this case. I have screenshots of support tickets in the email and receive nothing after "5 Work Days". :snorlax: Wanting response from :snorlax:
  3. I have proof of an Illegal trade , can I report it with proof and get an account banned? I have screenshots of the trade and is which I believe against the code of conduct? I prefer an admin to respond plz? Thanks.
  4. Playstation obviously!!!! free to play online no membership easy to use and simple. :)
  5. Kuzmitch no offense but your support team isn't doing nothing, I have sent a total fo 12 support tickets literally for the payments I have MADE!!!!! $49.99 usd and nothing after days. (I have sent much more money but got my item back after making 3 support tickets after each paymet.) I receive nothing im having to send many tickets and finally start receiving my items. You still owe me 4200 mcoins from a payment ill be gladly to email you your email you sent me which is saying you gave me 12600 mcoins on the date of 50% offer but only received 8400.I JUST made a payment of $49.99 usd again an
  6. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
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