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  1. Devs,when fix bug? ps:Illusory Chains is better basis for stun Pls make a chance to stun enemies after use Illusory skill(30-40% chance).Now this skill is useless. This skill should prevent the use of skills.
  2. Stone Shatters has a little chance to stun enemies. I kill ~200 mobs, my fiends same and "stun" does not work. I know, little chance,but that such a small? This stun is only marketing gimmick or joke? Devs,mage need stun-"real",not lottery.
  3. Balans jest wtedy w tej grze,kiedy wiecznie poszkodowani wygrywaja 99% aren
  4. Ameryki to ty nie odkryles Update jak update,dupy nie urywa ale gorszego od swamp sie nie da zrobic wiec i ten ujdzie.
  5. When? I want stay to 20lvl,but i want gain gp or explore new map/dungeons etc.
  6. senianpl


    Sami pl z pro rangiem na czele
  7. Again the same story, noobs mc cry - devs nerfed elvens skill When the time comes to shaman and rogue?
  8. Odezwal sie PRO biznesmen
  9. Why? But do not fly (except TW ) This skill should prevent the use of skills - it would be fair.
  10. Poszukaj w dziale Shaman na forum, tam jest sporo info.
  11. "The affected enemies are bound to the ground with illusory chains and cant move for some time." Why this skill does not work 100%.?After usign this skill rogue can jump and barb can use charge(idk,maybe mage can use time warp too). This is unfair because the mage has no chance to escape.This skill should prevent the use of skills.
  12. (mc cry about druid root -> nerf) We had to wait one year Mc cry about druid tornado and bd shield -> nerf 3(?) days Palla have only ONE ♥♥♥♥ing good skill. Why do you cry Better nerf shaman shield or rogue skill cooldown
  13. Hello, please change my nick to Animagic thanks
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