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  1. Lmao didn't understand what you're talking but who are you talking too anyway! Me???????????
  2. Nope.I don't support elves so idk.Why would Mcs would get machine guns? Guns are still not invented in Warspear Online.If the devs added the Dwarves then i would agree that mcs get machine guns. What if all weapons have limitations? Rangers get arrows,Melee weapons get sharpness and Magic Users use mana or something.Agree? Disagree?
  3. Even though the Elves are many with leaders the Mcs will always take the advantage anyway since the Mcs even without leaders can take a horde of elves.
  4. Most people these days are always talking pvp.Even though their topic is all about how op things are but the thing what they want is to make all there favorite classes to be op than make the others weaker.
  5. Saber


    Sithlords are from Star Wars they embrace the dark side.
  6. I agree with Miss Yuka anyway its the truth.Mcs don't feel dead anyway.
  7. Absalom really needs to be removed here.I was right all along Absalom wants to be the tyrant of us-sapphire but he will never be.
  8. Elves are OP let the light of the white wanderer defeat evil.Our bows are strong and our arrows lethal and fierce and is more than a match!
  9. Saber

    Forum Chat

    Absalom you are in no position and your opinion sucks.So we need to go ingame just to chat? What if you don't play anymore and want to talk in forum but there's no chat but instead you post just to talk.
  10. That is what happens to noob wannabe hackers.
  11. Rangers need to be more op! Because Rangers are Elves! They need to be fast to kill anyone.
  12. I agree please ban him anyway it.Although he looks like a pet dog who got lost and has gone nuts.
  13. Saber

    Forum Chat

    Its not that hard anyway to make a chat in the forums.Its not like they're putting the ingame chat here anyway so its not that hard.Without a chat here specially this is an mmorpg game forum anyway so there's a lot of people to chat to but because the forum is getting boring and no chat.I really don't like powerful reasonable excuses.
  14. Okay i'll accept that. But seriously Sulla you too?
  15. Saber

    Forum Chat

    Please Devs im so bored here! We really need this!
  16. He just attracted my attention anyway and he liked the post "lmao " i think he liked it because r0land's post "what about "butt" and "penis" to use? Not that hard." I just said lmao because the previous posts where hilarious.
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