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i was wondering :blush:  if u could spread warspear on to: kindle nook and fire, Blackberry, macbook(to be honest idk if it works on macbook), or even add an in-server version(idk if this will work since it take a while to download)

i just want it to be more availible to me and other players infected with WOD(warspear obesesity disorder, not my creation)

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i saw WAD(is someone's signature) also a disorder but forgot what that A stands for  :wacko: .

back to u: BB wud be cool



It was on mine recently.. Warspear addiction disorder WAD. Originally thought up by a player called Smiile.



Availability? Imagine warspear on playstation, xbox and nintendo networks  ;D

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Well, all games started as a small game, just look at runescape as an example, Runescape classic was launched in 2001 and had bad graphics, not many players played it (well it was still quite popular by then, as it was released officially) now, 11 years has passed since 2001 and there are over 200 000 accounts created (i bet most of them are bots :bad: , and runescape is ruined based in my opinion) so, my point is, all games starts small, but as years pass by, they will either become more popular and grow, (which will make players happy, = more customers = more money earned, overpricing items = few customers,, or, if they start overpricing items, the company will lose its customers, without its customers they go bankrupt.



as for now, after the new owner took over runescape,  the game started to change drastically, they introduced the "wheel of fortune" just the same as amplifying items in game, u have to use ALOT of money to get good results. Runescape introduced the "solomons store, costumes, jagex points, membership, "3 different currencies which costs real money, and are requried to buy different things...







anyways, im off topic now, so to make my point, all game starts small :search:  and i hope warspear wont end up going bankrupt.

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