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New Faction Concept: The Forgotten Souls


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1st Clan:Tormented

Inhabitants: Ghosts
Island: Purgatorio
Passive Skill: +5%dodge, -damage moon magic

Character for Selection
Weapon: flail, 1H sword, & shield
Armor:heavy & light

Titanic slam:slams target causing enhanced damage(150-200%)
Overpower:stuns target by placing a part of his soul on the target, also reduces target's armor(duration:1-5 secs; armor reduction: 2-7%)
Defensive stance:increases chances of block(+3-8%)
Telekinesis:pushes enemies back 2 tiles with use of telekinesis, and attracts aggression to him(2-7secs)
Counter attack:counter all attacks for a limited period of time(5-15%)




Ectoplasmic shot:shoots armor covered with ectoplasm causing enhanced damage(150-200%)
Enchanted arrows:enemies in AoE will be trapped in arrows inhibiting movement and skill usage(2-7secs)
Intangibility:evades all attacks for a period of time(1-5%)
Ghostly bile:poison's target which does physical damage overtime(duration:2-7secs;damage:2-10%)
Percision cut:lowers enemies accuracy(1-5%)


Dark maelstrom:casts a dark vortex that damages everything in a 3x3 tile
Healing pulse:casts heal on a target
Wormhole:teleports caster and chains the enemies around him where he lands inhibiting movement and skill usage
Illusory dummy:creates a dopple ganger that attacks 30-50% of casters original attack, the dummy will die if hit 3-6 times, the caster cant attack the target and vice-versa
Shroud of darkness-reduces enemy damage 10-20% for a short time 2-7 secs, can be cast on allies

2nd Clan:Overlords

Inhabitants: Cultists

Island Inferno

Passive skill: +5 health regeneration, -5% physical damage

Characters for Selection

Abbadonian Knight(tank)

Weapon:1H sword, 2H sword, shield


Violent Smash:smashes target with weapon causing enhanced physical damage(150-200%)^
Wisecrack-lures enemy with annoying words
Cleave-damage a target and enemies 2 tiles from the target original target gets 100% of the damage the rest 30%, (duration:3-8secs)^
Knee blow-slices enemies knee causes immobilizing(2-7secs)
Disarm-slices enemies arm causing target to inflict less damage(2-7secs)

  Azraelic Berserker(hitter)

Weapon:(dualmastery) 1H axe



Gouge-causes enhanced physical damage(150-200%)

Battle mastery-increases chance of making critical hits (5-12secs)*

Head mash- confuses target for a while(2-5tiles)
Enrage-increases attack speed to the percentage of health lost: 50% hp= +2% attack speed(lasts 3-8secs)*^
Hectic barrage-the caster goes berserk and attacks everything that goes beside him, can attack target 1 at a time so works better if combined with enrage skill also adds 10% attack speed(5-10secs)^
Bloody rage-increases attack speed to the percentage of health lost by the enemies:50%= +2% attack speed(lasts 3-8secs)*^

Demon Conjurer(healer)




Summon Leviathan-damages target with enhanced magic damage(150-200%)and converts 10-25% to health

Summon Phenex-heals a percentage of health(15-30%) in an AoE around the caster(2x2-4x4)*

Summon Amon-the demon wolf amon bites the target causing target to bleed and suffer physical damage overtime(10-20% of caster's damage)and casts fear on target due to the demon amon's bite causing the target to run around in its fear(2-5tiles)

Summon Mammon-stuns enemy by encasing the target with liquid gold from mammon's chest

Summon Thammuz-creates a shield that absorbs all damage for a short time(2-5secs)

* -not very sure about this please help me fix the skill effects
^-consumes health not mana if cast
That's all for now :drinks:
Please reply for your suggestions :blush:
Thank you  :good:
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Wow good job n how id love to use the skills u just made. U got my vote but maybe not new faction. Ur ideas on new skills may be used to improve some existing skills? But well done. Hope devs take notes  ;)

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Wow good job n how id love to use the skills u just made. U got my vote but maybe not new faction. Ur ideas on new skills may be used to improve some existing skills? But well done. Hope devs take notes  ;)


I agree, this ideas should be used to improve existing skill more than creating new factions.

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Legion or sentinel side  :facepalm: ?

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How about neutral.... :)  Until you are lvl 12  :pardon:  Then your char must pick between elf and mc


ANd if i choose elves, my ears will grow longer?  :lol: :lol:

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I was thinking it would be hostile to both sides because I would make another clan for the faction. :pardon:


Sooooooo third clan! Very cool concept  :drinks:

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