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Blitz k

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To Development,


1. I was wondering for the possibility of implementing (Guild function) in the game? Sometimes people need help to form groups for boss quests, or just quests in general. Allowing us to create guild's to invite others or friends would make activities much easier if not, more fun. Having spent time in guild's, I find it more efficient on knowing eachother on a better level.


2. Could we perhaps get an implement on (Group Teleportation Scrolls/Rune).

let's say were deep in labyrinth and a party member dies. Group teleport to leader would be very nice.


3. I'm sure every Shaman, Druid, and Paladin would love the ability to have (Raise Dead) Implemented for fallen comrades, instead of releasing to resurrection statue. But still have it for those who can't a healer to raise them.

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