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why the game spends so much battery?


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I do not know if it's just on my phone but my battery lasts a maximum of one hour playing warspear while playing TibiaME it lasted 6 hours off the charger.

I find it a problem for the game.

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Yes, but it's not healthy for the battery. :rofl:

Main reason for warspear consuming more battery than tibiaME is the fact that warspear makes the antenna work all the time. There is a continuous flux of data being transferred. TibiaME on the other hand has pauses, connection is there, but not active all the time. But it is also not as fluid as warspear from my experience.

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I really don't notice the battery drain .. i can play around 6- 8 hours constantly without charging and still have 2 stripes of battery left. ( Mobile, Nokia E72 )..


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Turn off the sound!

Imo it drain alot battery when u use edge/3g. On wifi everything work perfect for long hours.


Jup! thats propably the reason why i last so long :P never play with sound :D

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