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Piggy Piggy


Something went wrong, you weren´t supposed to drink the therianthropist potion that were given to you to complete your quest by testing on your enemies, but you did and now you are a monster. This potion that a wizard gave you were supposed to turn your enemies into pigs, just that, but you were told to never use it on full moon nights or the effects of the potion would turn your enemies not into pigs but into half human half pig beast thirsty of blood.
Stupid you. You thought it would be good to have that power. Well, you were wrong, cause you also loose your mind if you dare to drink it. Now when the full moon is hight in the sky, you re just the shadow of an old being, no brain, all guts and despicable violence, and after murdering first your family, then everyone in your town, and then anyone to cross in your way, and waking up covered in blood for many times, everyone you knew turned against you, and now you are comdemned to live alone in the forests, hiding for those that heard and believe the story of a monster, half pig/half human, who eats your children when they go to play in the forrest, who stalks rangers, scouts, and warriors where they re in their war quests, and destroy their assentments and eat their eyes, their kidneys, even the bones, and drink their blood and never, ever get sated. Godless creature, you re cursed for life.

There is a story that  parents tell their childs, where, when they don’t go to bed, a pig beast come and it them completely. There is a song in Arinar than everyone knows and sing the nights around the firepit in the campfires it goes like this:


“Piggy, piggy,

Don’t come here.

Loose yourself and eat a bear.

Piggy, piggy,

You are a beast,

Eating us wont be your feast.

Piggy, Piggy don’t come here

Loose yourself and eat a bear”

There are many versions of this song in Arinar, and they all talk about you, Piggy Piggy, cursed animal.




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changed the pixel art version to digital drawing cause it didnt fit on standars
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