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Build for a level 18 PVP Focused Rogue

Luan Borges

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I'd like to hear build ideas from experienced players for a lvl 18 PVP Focused Rogue. 

Long story short,i have a 14-16 arena guild, and a 17 rogue, to help with lvl 14 ranks, i ll be getting my last gear piece this tour and then lvl it to 18, and i'd like to know which build would be more suitable,

Considering i'll be decently tanky ( Full arena reward gear +10 / and both  magic defense 10% and physical defense 10% skills) so i guess i can focus on dmg.  So far ive been using 5 on the main atk skill, 5 on invisibility and 2 on  stun . But i have no idea how rogue new skills mix amd match with the regular ones, since this will be my first 18+ rogue. 😅

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Hi, Redemptor! 😅

I'll describe an arena build, it's no different than what you've been using, but for PvP (x1) maybe there are better options.


Basic Skills: Merciless Strike 5/5, Stealth 5/5 and Gouge 3/5

New Skills: Elusive Jump 2/4, Poisonous Blades 1/4, Ricochet 1/4 and Sinister Strike 1/4. You can take the passive skill too, but its "useless" without full dodge build.

That's all you need to cycle the dmg skills. As you play you will discover the best combination of attacks with Basic Skills and New Skills, but I'll give you a valuable tip that makes a lot of difference between a good rogue and a regular rogue.


Gouge 3/5 allows to apply the combos 1- Gouge> Kick In The Back > AA > Stealth or 2- Gouge > Kick In The Back > Walk (to cancel AA) > Stealth.

The second combo is most suitable against classes that have stun in area.

Kick In The Back does not remove the stun and there is a relic available for this skill that applies a random negative effect to the enemy (Magic Relic of Unstable Curse). You must own it.

AA = Auto-attack


I hope it helps you!


Hasda | BR-Tourmaline


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