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  1. Invisibility is useless since there are potions that make you be seen regardless of how far away the character is. Devs don't care about rogues in pvp, it's currently the worst class both solo and group (except for ganks)
  2. @Akasha Tudo bem? Há quanto tempo que não nos falamos 😅 Vou aproveitar a ideia do concurso e sua influência pra pedir um favor porque tenho certeza que pode atendê-lo. Por quê não separar o concurso pelas regiões visto que a comunidade do jogo é bem diversificada? Poderíamos ter Avaliação e Premiação para as diferentes regiões com suas respectivas línguas. Existem influenciadores populares e que fazem um bom trabalho de divulgação do Warspear BR que podem participar do concurso e ajudar mais ainda na divulgação do jogo (que é a ideia por trás do concurso) mas usar somente o
  3. More advanced castles have more benefits because they have more risks to maintain. It is easier to defend a castle with 30 players than 60, so having certain advantages seems fair
  4. What about the minions revealing the rogues and seeker, canceling stealh? Are you closing your eyes to this? Already mentioned twice here 😴😴
  5. @[email protected] Any answer to this? I play rogue and it is affecting both pvp and pve. Its really annoying
  6. Hasda

    Steam hours

    Almost there 😅 But what about this?
  7. Server BR-TOURMALINE went offline and when returns the event buff (tower free) stopped working. Please fix, all the server have the buff active and it dosnt work
  8. Hasda

    No comment!!!

    We are enemies in many ways, but we are allies in the Battle of Territory that you do not participate 😂 I've never stolen anyone and I do not even need to. Hard to know if im hated because everyone who comes on DiscordApp and knows me doesnt say that, only you and a small part of your guildmates (the ones who love to cry). But I'm not here to get your approval, you might think the Guild is stolen, that I'm an as***** and whatever. I'm here to laugh because the mages are very strong 😂
  9. Hasda

    No comment!!!

    I have a "stolen" guild, a legendary achievment that i've done with no support, a usefull guide for my class that helps a lot of players, most powerfull rogue of BR and it's ALL on my money and effort. I feel sorry for you, because all you have is your "shit crying post".
  10. Hasda

    No comment!!!

    Next time make a strategy to win instead of cry 😂
  11. I had a bug in rendering video but this is a awesome strategy that i used with all my guildmates on DISCORD.
  12. Boa tarde!!! Muito feliz por ser um dos ganhadores 😅 Quero receber o prêmio no meu rogue maravilhoso: Hasda - BR Tourmaline
  13. Esse vídeo mostra o poder que nós, da Legião, temos! Resumo em 4 minutos da conquista de territórios da última sexta-feira (09/11). Links das guerras passadas na descrição do video, todas as vitórias dos MCs 😅
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