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Ok first of all I havent play this game for a long time so.... I have forgotten most of the things.Anyway how secret link actually work ?? Im confused , I dont really understand how it work ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✧ 

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8 minutes ago, Kaleidoscope said:

You need to be in a party with the person you're using it on. It restores both the person's and your hp. Not sure about the amount healed. And you cannot use it on yourself.

I see. Is it really depends on your maxhp ?

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Why do so many still not understand how it works:cat1:

Secret Link depends on the health difference between the Druid and the other player the Druid is using the skill on. 

For example, the Druid has 3k hp and the party member 2k, the Druid uses the skill on him and it will heal the party member because his hp is lower than the Druid's hp. However, if the Druid got lower hp than the guy he is using the skill on, then the Druid will be healed.

Depending on how big the hp difference between both players is, the more or less the skill will heal. The healing effect would be high if the Druid got 4k hp and the party member 1k e.g., and it would be lower if the Druid had 4k hp and the party member 2k.



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