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Idea about fusing items


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Why dont we have equipment fusion.


Like so: x amount of same level 1 weapon/equipment can be fused to 1 lvl 3 weapon.

x amount of same lvl 3 items can be fused to lvl 5 item.

Lvl 5 to lvl 7 and so on.


Fusing amplified weapons.


fusing x amount of same level 1 item that are all like +4 or 5 could have chance to be fused into lvl 3 or 4 (cuz i dont remember which level lowest event weapons are) event weapon +0.


Same thing could be with enchants too. Like so: x amount of [incomolete rune of defense] could be fused into [complete rune of defense] and x amount of great charm crystals could be fused into having better chance to apply great charms (and that bonus would be greater than normal great charm crystal bonus)



What do you guys and ladies think about this idea :biggrin:

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Dont really like the equipment fusion thing, but the runes and crystals are a great idea. 

Fusing incomplete runes to get better ones, just great.

But incomplete runes are kinda easy to obtain, so maybe 10 incomplete runes = 1 complete rune. Or even using a catalyst or something. Great idea anyway

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