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Guild Wars

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Guild vs Guild war system:

- Guild leader can declare war to other guilds (via Tour list)

- Opponent leader can accept or decline war

- During war, PvP points from killing opponents will count for own guild score

- First guild to reach 1000 points (about 50 kills) wins war

- World Chat INFO: Guild XXX won war vs guild YYY

- Guild Chat INFO: Member X killed Y for 22 points (War score 282/211)

- War opponents will be marked with orange names

- If guilds in same faction, disable war in Towns and special zones/islands

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Of course an item from the miracle shop would be required to declare a war, in the good old P2W fashion.

Sounds fun. How would you prevent the winning guild from just logging out so that the opposing team cannot score? I mean, the war can't go on forever, can it?

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