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Social in-game content system projects and suggestions 2\6\2012


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I developed a social,content in-game system what can improve current game.


       Point to do is current boring war system,merchant system, and questing system.


       Once you start game you can choose a special in-game work to do.


       1. Looking for master to get side work>>


       Master give you main quest ,once is completed you are Master ' s apprentice.


       >>Unlocked set of daily worker quest


       >>collecting items >> gold or chosen item


       >>> Sometimes Master can give special quest what can give { Special item}


       = also current making gold be fixed by that


    Worker can also sell his items\goods on Market!!

    (this update)


       I'm not sure if once you becomed Apprentice of each master you can leave from him.


       Also should be these side works with any abilities like Mining atc...so you can do each work after learning an ability.


     After getting a work you are Mountain clan\Forsaken member


     You can have side work with Arinar army rank.

     Side work doesn't give any experience points.


     Fishing - by clicking a button it can catch a fresh fish, if too fast ,fish will be gone.



       2. Becoming an Arinar warrior!! - Each warrior can join Army of Arinar what can add you few new abilities or allowing you to wear {Arinar' guard} or {Arinar' s recruit} clothes.


      Also Arinar warriors have better prices in shop, and can buy some un-standard items.


      Current army ranks:

      - Recruit of Arinar's army

      - Arinar's guard

      - Arinar Lord

    Ranking up is available per points what are increased by quests.


      Arinar Lord is one who completed the quest ,not easy one ( Reason to try kill boss aka Berengar guards ) Arinar army have his own command channel. Also they are kind of Guild.



       You can have side work with Army rank.


    Example: Rogue,lvl 20 ,Arinar Armor ,

    Recruit of Arinar


   2. Neutral side (no name) -

   I know this is hard to do but ,maybe one day.

   Player sometimes found a friend in opposite faction ,so they can be in neutrality.

   Both lose their race, and becomed hunted by all faction. I m not sure how to do fully but later i fix.


   In fact we will have 4 faction.

   Crossing from each one to second could be good ,but it could do big mess and hard in-game system change. So this neutrality could help little to kind of this player.


   3. Adding percentual chance to effect a item -

  Game need crystals,gems,signs, what will give us abilities like poison,drain,atc..


  Is hard to add but it could be in update 3.5.


  4. Arena special modes -

  Current arena is not much effective to work.

  In first fact is spammed by rich players by amount of fight.


  We need this:

  1. Mode one vs. one -

  We all need this mode.


  2. Survival mode - Player fight mob till death or end stage mode.


  Every level he need better skill to finish stage.

  Survival should be in one, 3, 5.

  Earned points or prices are different on value of players.


  3.Mode Beat the Monster !! - Player will demand to special fight with different monster. His goal is defeat him with all he can.

  No attribute or health potions allowed !!




  -Sulla vs. Gargoyle - Sulla need to use sun and dark combined set ,because Gargoyle's attack alltime change.

  Gargoyle' s attack are Dark and Sun so player need to get equipment for defeating this monster.


  Example 2: God of Arinar vs. Sulla


  God of Arinar have infinite hp, so Sulla must kill first four God ' s heart to make God of Arinar possible to take damage.


  These different styles to defeat can be great and interesting fun.



 4. Auction house - another place for trade but it different from Market




Now, in order to buy or sell a valuable item, is not necessary spent hours chatting in Trade channel! Market will help players easily to sell or buy products to other players. By participating in the exciting process of trading, you will be able to demonstrate a new skills of the economist, analyst and broker, as well as directly affect on the economy in the world of Arinar.


To start trading, you must go to a special NPC, which is located in a public place of any major city. For each item you will be charged a small non-refundable deposit and, in the case of a successful sale – a commission. It is important to understand that the period of placing the items on the auction and their amount is not infinite. After the expiration of this item you will receive a letter with notification about its termination, and if sale was successful – the amount of gold, attached to the letter. If you happen to find a buyer for your product outside the market, you can always remove it from sale.


Auction House is place for selling items, kind of special items what could be randomly generated,so they are unicate. Biggest offer win as usual in Auction.

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Is that enough?

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  • 2 weeks later...

nice, but..

1. will this be still a 20MB app?

2. doesnot those who sit ingame allday will be in big advantage?

only i think this is cellphone game..

..if not i like it 


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