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hello all,

i'd like to suggest 2 things, one related to scammers and the second about the screen bug


to start with the exchange scammers, those who put different items or do the full bag trick and so... if there would be an undo option that would undo the last exchange it'll kill those scammers, like you can undo the last exchange you did within a time limit of about 5 minutes, after those 5 minutes the exchange cant be canceled


and the screen bug, it's really a pain in the ass, creating a refresh screen button would fix it too, the option would reload the screen and show the exact locations of everything and everyone


both of the these options can fit right under the settings and logout tab


waiting opinions or improvements to my suggestions

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Exchange is something you have to be careful yourself and keep eyes open while doing the trade, not rushing.


Refresh? Has to do clearly with client's connection in the game servers, doesn't have to do with game mistakes.

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