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Guild Suggestion


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Hello all readers!


In long a go, i thinked about guild settings buttions. Here i will not talk about bugs but i have a idea to make new buttion .


In this buttion i think we can add guild rules (ofc i knw in each guild has sone rules) wath events is going in guild and something more ....


I knw some peoples its will be stupid idea but i think it good, bc its starting enoying to tell all guild mebers or new guild members guild rules evry day ... So if that buttion will be its be easy to say go read guild rules and see wath events is going on ...

I hope my idea u get but i allmost forgot ....

Premisions to use that buttion, i think need be like this :

Newbies and Explorer: Can read only

Heir: Can change only Rules

Leader: Can change evrything


Sorry for mistakes if there is and ofc for my bad english if u see somthing wrong.

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Acly yes .. Bc evry time its is so enoying to tell all time same rulles - easy be like this Go read guild rules and events in Guild info buttion (Thast example)


And i realy hope and think its will not limited like Raezer said . Its will be greatly if there be like 1000 symbols for now i think but i hope no smaller then 600 simbols.

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I love this


A weekly board for all guild members to read so there are no disagreements.

Maybe a rules board.

The guild message is too limited. It would be great to have a guild notebook.

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Make a guild wars it will be great!:) it will be like a arena the theme. And every time guild upgrades each one of members will get 10 crimson corandum

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