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Any Danes?


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Hello everybody!


I recently created 3 chars on the EU server (Necro, shaman and paladin), and I thought: Hey, it's EU, there have to be Danes here! (Det moder jeg da. Danmark ligger jo trods alt i Europa.)


So I would like to meet some Danes, as I'm a bit lonely.  :blush:

To farm, to chat, to kill other plays, to help and/or get help from.

Maybe even join a Danish guild?  :spiteful:







I'm looking to forward to replies to this topic.














To people who are not Danes (Or rather: To people outside Scandinavia)





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I'm proud to have ÄÖÅ on my keyboard. (Vaikkakin Å on melko turha suomalaisessa näppäimistössä ottaen huomioon että vain noin 4,9% Suomen väestöstä on äidinkielenään ruotsia puhuvia (vuonna 2013 Wikipedian mukaan). Mutta onhan se ihan viileää kun on ylimääräinen nappula.)


Anyhow, Danes seem quite rare around here.

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