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Infamous (sapphire)

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Together we are strong, United we are Infamous

bdiusp face.png


;) lvl 3 currently working on lvl 4 only need about million gp everything else stocked ;)

guild skills.png

passive guild skills maxed


guild bags 15+


memmbers always active 1000gp weekly required

building up for a tour run

guild page.png

  :shok: rewards top 3 :shok:

working on guild events


nov 8 - nov 15 2015


1st wiljuntotzwiljuntotz.png



2nd rockzzzrockzz.png



3rd arriyan arriyan 2.png










heartseekr.pngjxjx.pnglordshimar.pngfake 30.pngrockzzz.pngrougeoli.pngsirhealz.png








(figured we needed a forums post)

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azerti is no longer lead, he did good for guild but idk where he is now me jxjx and drewsin are pushing the guild to a new lvl, luxani was the leader who originally invite me but idk where he is either, dispite the stuggles we will see this guild grow and reach a potential it never has before 



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i seen azertixxx on today it was a char he made right before we ran tour, few people mad at him, he loged off right as i loged in, id be willing to talk to him even make him heir but i wont pass lead at least for long time

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