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What should I buy with miracle coins?


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I just started playing yesterday. I am a level 4 barbarian with 110 miracle coins. I will be buying 300 more. Could anyone suggest me what to buy from the store?

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buy costumes.. and barber and hair color and teleport scrols..helps u to move quickly and look good :)

also u should  try buy 500 mcoin starter pack for barb ,...that will help u be strong from start...

buy signs of imperish to amplify ur weapon so u can kill enemy and win at arena....do buy arena tickits if u want arena weapon quick....thats all i think...dont forget to add rune and crystals to every equip u get ...else they useless

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Dont buy anything for now. When u get 15 lvl buy runes and crystals and enchant equip



Agree, don't buy anything till L15, the important item to buy is repair scroll if you need to gain gold much faster because it will repair all ur item including in your bag. So you just doing quests, selling rewards and drop until all ur gears 100% broken then repair.

Actually you can buy the scroll from other player @1 K gold if you have the gold.

But you can survive at the 1st island without repair at all, if you not die so often

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I think that you should buy the runes and crystals first at level 12 for the purple equipment set that you can buy on the 1st island. They're the best the 1st island has to offer so pump them up. In the 2nd island dont buy any equipment and any runes and crystals for anything till you've finished the storyline entirely upto the 6 shadows. After that its just daily quests and CC quests at which point you may have to upgrade your armor and weapons to CC or any other powerful gear you may come across. Then you buy another set of crystals and runes to pump them up.



Also, the extra pockets are a good deal at this stage. You can store drops in advance for dailies that may come in the future. Don't invest in costumes. I feel that they are a waste of money as they do nothing but make your character look wacky. If you're going in for the looks, then you could try the barber set and the hair color at which point the costumes are not required at all...



But that's just me...

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if u can afford, buy starter set and u will leave first island with it... buy potions and u will do all bosses on first island... sell some mc items and buy lvl13 set, make all the quests, amp your items, get a good connection and go kill mcs.

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