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Future of Warspear


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This post is about the upcoming 16th birthday update and the future of Warspear.

I got really frustrated by the new update, and I wanted to say a few things.


How many more times are you going to announce the same event? The same scenarios, the same Beholder, the same world event, the same dungeons, and the Snorlar event for 10 years. What irritates me even more is that you post the birthday update as if there are tons of new features.


Can any admin reply to me? What new features are you bringing with this update? Isn't this supposed to be the biggest update, given it's the anniversary? All I see are the same repetitive events over and over.

Arena? The maps are even the same. You guys just added a league system and that's it. We will still be waiting in the queue for hours. It's just the old arena with a different interface. People will AFK, win trade, and crazy whales with broken books will dominate.


Why don't you guys bring some of the long-awaited suggestions like making branch changes cost 0, redesigning raids, or making rebalancing more frequent?


Communication with admins is already lost. None of them interact with us anymore in the English forum. Only suggestions from miracle coin users are considered, as can be seen from the update, where raid parties are guaranteed drops.

Isn't that weird? What about all the other players? People doing raids are already fully equipped with books, +10 gear, unlimited gold, but no, that's not enough for them; we must continue to please them. Give everything to them.


Honestly, I just want an answer from one of the admins. I don't know who is left—Nolan, Dr. Strange... Whoever wants to reply can do that.


You guys have taken all the fun out of the game, and each day my desire to play diminishes, as does that of many other players. Seeing Warspear ending is sad and seems inevitable at this point.







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