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Porphyrion the fallen

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[Please Admins,I just need 2 minutes of your precious time.Please do check what do I have to say,in the comments below. :) ]



[ Porphyrion the fallen ]


During the legendary war of spear,epic battles were fought and sacrifices were grave.In order to prevail in this fierce war,the tales of which are still told among every mortal alive,the mysterious wizards who unveiled the dark secrets of magic that were hidden within the Berengar's tower used the most powerful and forbidden art of magic ever existed - Resurrection! A number of mighty heroes and the fallen evil beings were brought back from the dead,to be manipulated and used as tools to bring an end to the great war.After it ended and intruders were anihilated relentlessly,the magicians set the souls of every resurrected warrior free,returning them to where they belonged.

But,it is known,the great victories come at great cost.Among the chaos of the aftermath,an evil giant which was slain centuries ago for the sake of peace,broke free of the control of magicians!Filled with hatred for the gods who humiliated him and extinguished his life force for good centuries ago,he blamed their descendents and made them the subjects of his hatred.Now seeking revenge,the soulless warrior wanders in Arinar,trying to devour the soul of every mortal alive.




Behaviour on map:-




Boss Type and attack - Melee

Boss HP - 750K

Boss Attack - 600


Porphyrion would be surrounded by 5 of his minions of 20k each which will attack anyone who either attacks them or the main boss.Their respawn time will be 5 minutes.








WarCry :-A fierce roar which would stun every player in 5 yard ranger for 2.5 seconds.cooldown period:- 45 seconds.




Mighytswing: Dealing heightened damage to tank.cooldown period:- 1 minute.




Rageburst: Boss stuns the tank for 3 seconds.Cooldwon period:- 1 Minute.



Ironfist: Boss hits the ground with his fists,causing a shockwave which pushes all enemies within 5 yards of range,2 yards backwards.Cooldown period:- 45 seconds.



That will be all.Thanks for reading.Boss.jpg

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Best of luck for Porphyrion, i hope it wont devour my soul. :D

With the permission of my guild leader Thesamurai, I, Nimereti post my boss too, since i relied on due date being 12th of june, not 11th of june and midday. My session was busy and i didnt manage to finish my description before the sudden end of contest. 


Aconni, the revenger


It starts hundreds of years ago, when in hands of travelling healing  wizard father rose a young sorceress, who was in short called Aconni. She was eager to learn and go in her father’s footprints, so during  their long travels from kingdom to kingdom, she used her time to learn new techniques and skills. Once  the father was curing a prince whose skin burns were difficult to heal cause of the magic of dragon who attacked him. The father asked for kings permission to get and use the books or necromancer magic, as he could not save the burnt skin with healing magic alone. The cure was indeed found there, but left the prince with pale, grayish and slightly scaly skin. So there was much rejoice and the king made a three day feast for all his Borderland kingdom. While the kingdom went into a celebration, Aconni found the book of necromancer magic and was overwhelmed of what she learnt. In her mind, her healing powers could surpass what any healer can do, she wondered, why had no healer ever tried this. With the powers of healing and death combined, she felt she could be able to give the old and weak a new breath, restore youth, and revive the dead… It would bring so much joy and peace in this world, she wondered.

The book was given back, but Aconni never forgot what was written in there. She started to seek and store rare plants and minerals in their travel, noted down recipes for potions, she trained herself to restore withering flowers to blooming ones, to make flies, who had died from heat or hit, fly again. Aconni soon began to revive small animals, like birds and mice, who with her brace magic could run, fly, sneak, crawl or swim away again, even if they didn’t look quite as before.

Soon her and her father’s ways went different directions, Aconni travelled around. She dared not reviving human or elf yet, but would help the old drop a few ages and feel stronger again.

Word spread fast, and there was a king from a wealthy chosen kingdom, who didn’t want the word to spread. He needed all her healing powers for himself instead. So he sent his spies to talk the sorceress into coming to his castle.

Once Aconni came, king Huma talked her into staying in his castle for a few years, in return or giving her access to all books in his library. She took the offer and had to cure the king or his closest figures. The king also asked her to provide him his youth, so his reign would run longer.

Jealousy grew within the older healers that now got less recognition from king. And it grew ever stronger, when the queen was once attacked and killed by opponents. The king begged Aconni to help her, even when everyone saw she is dead. Aconni told the king to leave her with the corpse of the queen. It was done, and Aconni set stones on the queens body, poured blood-coloured potion in her cold lips and revived her with the powers of necromancers magic. The queen took deep breath and opened eyes. She was much paler than before, but she was alive. The king was extremely happy, but the other healers in the castle trembled in hatred now.

A few months later, word by word, the king got convinced that the sorceress was a threat, not a blessing. One morning the king called her in as if he had gotten a bit sick, but instead he captured her in empty room and told that she would be executed that evening.

Aconni was in shock and felt betrayed . Because she had used dark magic, she couldn’t control her hatred now, so she cursed herself with strongest curse she knew, she cursed that she will kill the one who caused her death and  obtain the weapon which they use to kill her, and only then she would find peace. It was the curse of revenge.

That evening they tied her hands and legs, put on a blindfold, brought  her in front of public, and pushed her into a cage of deathly snakes. The bites of the startled snakes took over her blood too fast, and she felt the life fading away, bringing only pain.

In fear, her corpse got buried outside kingdoms gates.

But that midnight, Aconni opened her eyes again, as the curse started to work. The earth parted and she climbed out, pale and filled with rage. She went to the castle again, taking life out of everyone who was in her way. Every arrow that hit her got pushed out of her skin, and the life power that she took from the people in way healed her flesh. People hid in fear of their lives and fearing the terrible creatures she made them to see, that didn’t even exist.

She got to the kings chamber and took his life. All the age that her healing magic had given, faded, until there were only clothes left.

She took them as a trophy and fled the castle before sunrise, in hopes of eternal peace now.

But the curse stated that she needed to kill the person and obtain the weapon, but no weapon was used to destroy her, but creature. Yes, sometimes curses are too literal. So she was stuck in her dark, lifeless existence, with obsession of poisonous snakes and giving nightmares and diseases.

It was thought to be a story with moral to young healers who has only begun mastering their arts, but recently some had found a strange cave, where so many poisonous snakes were found…


First boss form:

Healer Aconni [Lvl 22]


Hp: 80k


Accompanied by: boxing sentinels

Skills: Shield, Healing spirit, Forest song

Time to collect drop – 1 minute(Healing and mana potions, Crafting essences and catalysts, healing minions, costume [White healers outfit])


Second boss form:

Revive animation from corpse, snakes appear, two necromancers appear.

Aconitus Napellus [lvl24]

Hp: 800k


Accompanied by: Two necromancers using healing touch on boss, Mobs – snakes.

Skills: Poisonous shield (wider range), Panic, Mental pit

Drop: [stolen throne outfit], [Dark revenge], spheres, lvl22 staff, lvl22 ring with rage bonus, lvl22 light and cloth belt with lifesteal.

Since second form is stronger, its drops accordingly are more valuable.


Costume drop ideas: dark revenge costume.pnga shittydeadking.jpglightsorceress.png




Boss final look sketch:20150530_221309.jpg



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Admins,with utmost sincerity I would like to make a humble request to please consider the above entry of neku (nimerti,her bladedancer) to be still eligible to be considered among the entries which are to be evaluated in order to select the winners a week from now.It is true that due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances,the contest had to be closed before its actual closure date and it was inevitable of course,and I completely understand it.But unfortunately she was not aware of it so she could not post her boss before the new modified deadline.

But still,she posted it just in time before the actual deadline expired,and would you not agree with the fact that there was a genuine reason for what happened?Please,do consider her entry as a valid entry for the sake of the spirit of a healthy competition and acknowledgment of the efforts we,the members of warspear family make everytime when given a challange - a contest!I hope I could my message properly to you. :) Thank you for giving your precious time here,I will be patiently wait to hear from you.

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