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Baconator ( Wakeeka.Ba )

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Story :

When the moving "horror circus" to another dimension was ongoing, an explosion happened as a result of a group of an evil power. From that explosion, fell a mysterious box containing an evil power of "horror circus". 


One day, an old man was walking in the forest near the city of "archduke camp". He caught a dark light from the inside of the shrub. As he was really curious of what it was, he walked towards that dark light and found the mysterious box. He opened that box and suddenly, he disappeared. Nothing happened after it.


Several days later, a young priest, named Baco who were able to use spell magic, intended to go to the forest to find woods. On his way to the forest, he saw the dark light and walked towards it. As it had happened several days ago, it was happened again towards Baco. However, this time was different. The strange thing happened, a mask suddenly flew towards Baco and covered his face, and afterwards he lost his consciousness because the evil power of the mask only wanted victims who had a power, absorbed their power and controlled their body and mind. That mask, the evil mask, was called as Nator, thus emerged


"Wakeeka kalumab bakung wasala ulamab bakung"

..... It is intention was to control the new world, which is Ayvondil, settled in the depth and horrific dungeon.


Boss States :

Type : Magic

Health Point : 1.800.000

Energy : 350

Energy Regen : 45/5Second

Magic Damage : 400


Skill :

Spell of Baconator (Lv 5)

Spelling a magic, in which Baconator will spell the circle a magic spinning above him

 (inside the circle, there are three choice magics : dark meteor, lightning square, and tornado) .The circle magic will spin about 3second and then cast one of three choice magics (it will be random for each turn)

Type : Active skill

Usage range : 5yard (area, every target in that range yard )

Energy expense : 80

Cooldown : 40 second

Damage : (as your creteria)


Dark Shield(Lv 5)

Providing a dark shield (the color of the shield is black and it's appearance is like priest shield), in which make the boss immune for 5 second.

Type : Active skill

Usage range : -

Energy expense : 50

Cooldown : 40 second


Dark Power (Lv 5)

Increasing 30% damage and magic power of the boss for 15 second

Type : Active skill

Usage range : -

Energy expense : 60

Cooldown : 180 second



Behavior :

When the first time players entry the boss area, boss is sorrounded by 5 mini bosses which each mini boss has 40k health point. If the players hit one of mini boss or the boss itself, all of mini bosses and the boss will attack the players. Mini bosses do not have any skills. If each mini boss die, it will up every 1minute for each mini boss. When the boss has come to the player, it will cast the first skill, then the second skill, and the third skill. Afterwards, it will use ranged basic attack. Because of magic type, the boss will throw a ball magic to the player in range of 5yard. It will throw the ball every 2 second for each attack. It will be needed minimal 1full party(5 person) to defeat the boss with average time to defeat is about 30minutes (depends on player damage, party arrengement, and the amount a players in area who followed to kill). In that time (30 minutes). The boss will cast the first skill then second skill because both have same cooldown and cast the third skill 6 times (because it has cooldown 180 second). So, in every 6 minutes, the boss will cast first, second, third in one time (but still the prediction can change if the boss get stun or word power skill). Boss will up every 30 minutes...



This is My Boss 
Wish Me Luck 









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